Amazon API not allowing multiple tracking numbers

Does anyone know why Amazon won’t fix the API issue not allowing to add multiple tracking numbers for a single order with multiple items? There are times where one package arrives earlier than the other and customers immediately jump to conclusions thinking it was lost or didn’t arrive. Then I have to explain to them how the other item was shipped separately.

Yes, I could manually go through every single order and edit the tracking but due to the amount of orders I have it would take a hour each day to do.

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When I send multiple boxes to fill one order, I do three things:

  1. I note on the listing that the order will require multiple packages.
  2. I write the info on each box, eg: “Box #2 of 4”.
  3. I send an email to the customer telling them all of the tracking numbers.

So far I have never encountered a customer who misunderstood.


Yeah… I can’t do that unfortunately. Amazon should just fix the issue.

I’m not sure which carrier you are using. We use Fedex. We send these shipments as multi-piece. If any of the tracking numbers is tracked, the user can see that it’s part of a multi-piece shipment, and you can see the status of each. 2nd what @rms says to note box # of # as well. It doesn’t fix the issue, but maybe makes it more clear for the customer.

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Combination of USPS and UPS. UPS uses multi-piece shipments as well but Amazon’s system doesn’t recognize it still.

Completely agree, but in the meantime…instead of doing all 3 of @rms’s steps, could you just do 2 or 3, for each order?