Amazon bot changing product titles to match our website?

Hi everyone,

Last night luckily Helium 10 alerted to me to over 30 products getting the product titles changed. It seems they are matching our website product titles (which I do not want). I just changed most of them back luckily through a inventory file. Is there a way to request Amazon to not do this?

The titles I have optimized specifically for Amazon.

And before anyone says “it must be a different seller”, it isn’t. We are the only seller, we make this product in house, have brand registry, etc. Also, these listings were created a year ago.

The are not titles - they are product names.

Optimizing for Amazon is contrary to the intent for the field.

If your website is associated with your brand and the product names are shown, it is possible a bot corrected them.

You have done classic Ebay style work on your catalog pages, and it is not surprising Amazon has written a bot to correct you.

Yes, I know there are thousands of listings which spam the product name, and it has been a running battle with the bots which have not been able to keep up.

It may not be what you want but if I were you I would use the same product names on your website. Seems like the only guaranteed way for it not to happen again.

If the bulk of your sales were happening on amazon, I wouldn’t care if the naming structure was prettier on the site - I would care about indexing and ranking and to mitigate anything that messed with that.


We cannot use the same product titles as on the website. It isn’t anything to do with it being “prettier”.

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Why? - aesthetics matters a lot except when dealing with amazon - the algo matters which is why I brought it up. But really, why can’t you?


Without giving away what I sell - mostly I have to include “Does not fit with X” because Amazon customers are “special” and do not read bullet points or product descriptions (yes, I also include text in a secondary image about compatiblity) but they live/die by the product name. Also, instead of putting “05-06” from our website I type out “2005-2006”.

These are some examples.

Sounds like the answer to my question is “no, bots cannot be stopped”.


yah bots are nasty and cannot be stopped - selling on amazon should come with a side effects warning

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The good news at least, is Amazon is allowing me to change them back easily without creating cases.


I absolutely understand why you did this, and yes, they are special!

But I think you have the right plain of attack, flat file upload