Amazon Business question

When we set tier discounts for business, do the discounts on the regular Amazon side get applied, as well? I mean, if I give 5% off for buying 5 items on the business side and I give 5% off for buying 2 items on the regular side, does the business customer get 10% off for buying 5 items? Do they get 5% off for buying 2 items?

I guess I’m just not sure if the discounts on the regular Amazon side migrate over to Amazon business. I don’t want customers stacking discounts.

I looked up my own products and can’t see any discounts, even though I have tier discounts for business, so I guess we can’t check our own stuff.

I’m wondering if you should ask this question outside of the Handmade group? Maybe more sellers dealing with Amazon Business discounts?


Good idea. Thanks.

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@Amazon_Seller I’ll move this topic for you.

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As far as I am aware, which is not far enough for you to take this as fact but far enough that it’s worth me giving this advice, is that the discounts do not stack. However, I suggest testing to be sure.

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