Amazon Buy Shipping not offering FedEx

I was not able to purchase a FedEx label from Amazon Buy Shipping today.

UPS, USPS, and Amazon Shipping were all options but FedEx services were all grayed out asking for a phone number.

click for image

Then, I noticed a duplicate under the Ship From dropdown when buying shipping. I changed to the duplicate Ship from and then it works.

click for image

fedex working

Little odd. I am not sure if it happened to anyone else or just me.


Sounds like someone is experimenting with new features on the live system.



@Old-Timer is this fixed for you?


No, not yet. One works, but none of the other Ship From locations work.

I am using ShipWorks to purchase my Buy Shipping labels and it has no issue. If I want to buy directly from Seller Central Buy Shipping, I have to switch the Ship From for every single order. I use Seller Central to buy labels for next day shipments because ShipWorks puts in the current date even when I select a future date. That drives me nuts, but oh well. I adapted.

This image below shows 4 locations in Buy Shipping Ship From dropdown in Buy Shipping, but only the 2nd one works for FedEx.

The bottom is the original.
The middle 2 are my new location and the auto created duplicate.
The top is a new location I created with a different name and it does not work.

The pre-selected Ship From does not provide FedEx options but if I switch to the 2nd (not sure if that is mine or the duplicate), it does.

Another odd thing. I deleted my newest different named Location after testing purposes, but it still appears in the dropdown choices in Buy Shipping. It does not appear in my Locations tab. The duplicate does not appear either.

Time to go slap 299 master boxes labels for an FBA shipment.
At least it is Friday. 8 hours until my adult beverage.


I just noticed in the NSFE that this issue was reported a month ago and Amazon created the duplicate Ship From location to temporarily fix the glitch.

It would have been nice to get an email notice of the glitch and workaround.

Edit: Now, I find another mod posting that it is not an automated solution. Now, since I already have the duplicate, I do not know if I am supposed to open a case or just wait it out.