Amazon "Confirm As Shipped by"...

Is it me, or shouldn’t this say “Confirm as shipped before x” instead of “Confirm as shipped by x”?


Unless they are now subtracting a day, yeah that’s a massive mistake

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Uh, oops …


When they say “by” they mean up to but not including.
The syntax is not clear.
This is not a first for Amazon.


Lets face it, previous wording was unclear to quite a few also

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How can they claim that? If I do something “by” a certain date, that means I got it done “on or before” that date. “File your taxes by April 15th” includes getting a postmark at 11:59pm on April 15th.


You are interpreting this statement according to the standard usage of modern English grammar. However, the definition of the word “by” does not require this interpretation, and whomever designed this page clearly ascribes to a different interpretation.


This appears to be Amazon stating that one would have to
Ship by date: Thu, Feb 15, 2024, 11:59 PM PST
that one would need to
Confirm as shipped by 2/16/2024 to avoid late-shipment

We would treat it as …
Ship by date: Thu, Feb 15, 2024, 11:59 PM PST to avoid a late-shipment charge
Confirm as shipped by 2/16/2024 of the shipment on 2/15/2024 prior to 11:59 PM PST to also avoid a late-shipment charge.

If you ship late or confirm late, Amazon is going to hit you with a late-shipment charge.

Those who use Amazon Buy Shipping don’t have to worry confirming and only have to worry about shipper’s first scan.

Where this comes into play would be if a seller uses shipping service other than Amazon Buy Shipping and has to manually or upload confirmation of shipments. It appears as if Amazon has created a “grace” period for confirmation for these sellers.

We would ship and confirm following the
Ship by date: Thu, Feb 15, 2024, 11:59 PM PST


As this is a commercial application, one would have to defer to the massive heap of case law, best summarized by “Corbin On Contracts”, which, like the many cases litigated, clear states that “tender of performance”, “offer”, “acceptance”, “breach”, and every other possible event is considered to be accomplished “BY” a certain date if performed no later than 11:59:59pm of that day.

But, that said, Amazon can be a bully, and do any wacky thing they want until someone sues them to extract compliance with the law as we know her.


NOPE. Amazon allows me to ship up until Midnight Pacific Standard Time (until Daylight Savings screws that up!) on the date given.

That gives me two extra hours to put in tracking numbers and still meet the deadline since I am CST.

If they wanted it shipped earlier they can change the date to whatever they want.

I’m headed out of town for a few days since there is no shipping on Monday. I have my “Order handling capacity” set to TWO so that every two orders that come in the expected shipment date moves out a day.

I figure by the time I get back Monday night I will have orders that don’t need to be shipped until sometime in March or April! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


As was just confirmed by KJ less than 15 minutes ago in this NSFE discussion raising the same question:



The English language says otherwise.

The English language is older then Amazon.


More irritating to me is the fact that Amazon is inconsistent in how they use “by.”
Ship By Date is the last day on which an order can be shipped with no late penalty.
Right next to that is the Confirm By Date, which is the day after the last day an order can be shipped with no late penalty.

If Amazon decided that “by” mean before that date and stuck to that, I wouldn’t mind as much. They can’t even mean the same thing with the same words in 2 places right next to each other on the same page.


So ship by March 13 really means ship by 12th, which would really mean ship by 11th, which would really mean, ship by 10th…

So who’s on first??

I second your “sigh.”


More of a … if a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood …


Well, perhaps Amazon should pay more attention to what I see on my order status since it is only ‘slightly’ different from his interpretation. :laughing: :laughing: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


IF what he says is correct the ‘late shipment’ date would be the 13th for this order!


In addition to the above, the AMAZON statement in their ‘late shipment’ statistics (I am at 100% on time) under performance say (emphasis added) this which directly contradicts the MOD response:

" The Late Shipment Rate (LSR) is all orders with a ship confirmation that is completed after the expected ship date as a percentage of total orders over both a 10-day or 30-day period. LSR only applies to seller-fulfilled orders.

It’s important to confirm the shipment of orders by the expected ship date so that customers can see the status of their shipped orders online. Orders that are ship confirmed late may lead to increased claims, negative feedback and/or customer contacts and negatively impact customer experience. Adjusting your handling time can help prevent late shipments; please visit the Manage Seller Fulfilled Products page to view your recommended handling time and adjust it as needed."


Interestingly, seemingly within an hour of posting what I quoted above, KJ deleted that post & replaced it with this:

I begin to see a method to the madness…


I understand the distinction here, but the confusion could be cleared up easily by merely saying, “Shipping must be confirmed no later than 24 hours after the last ship-by date. Manual shipping confirmations entered after that point will be considered late shipments, even if the item was shipped on time.”

And clarify that “on time shipment” requires both (1) shipping by the last ship-by date and (2) confirming shipment in Seller Central no later than 24 hours after the last ship-by date.

AND sticking two dates in Manage Orders: ship-by deadline, and confirmation deadline.

Ermergah Amazon, it’s worth the extra 5 minutes of thought to communicate clearly and successfully! :woman_facepalming:


even easier just use the correct word:

Ship by March 18th. Confirm shipment before March 19th.

Both of those sentences mean no later than March 18th 11:59 PM… now which timezone though? :rofl: