Amazon Deliver-By Date Glitch

Items in one of my shipping templates appear to be adding an extra 24+ days or so to the delivery window (matching what I would have for US Territories or International). These 2 examples are domestic to the continental US, expected shipping times noted above each:

4-8 Days:
4-8 days Free Economy

2-4 Days:
2-4 days Standard

:thinking: Is it a glitch, or is Amazon trying to anticipate any delays brought about by a possible UPS strike?

I vote glitch at this time because:

  1. It’s just one template.
  2. There are no current delays, so why freak out customers?

I would test it by temporarily removing international from that template (or create a test template with one good selling item on it, to reduce customer impact) to see if the issue is Amazon applying your international settings to domestic shipments.

  • If the problem goes away after removing international, you have your answer.
  • If it doesn’t, then you need to look elsewhere.

I’d also check for a non-template possibility. Are all your domestic shipments on this template showing delivery in late August or just these two? If it’s just these two, then look for something they have in common that others don’t, possibly an out-of-country billing address maybe?


I don’t get a lot of sales of this product line, so I’ll have to keep an eye on it and see what happens with the next sales this week. I confirmed in Inventory Management that the ASINs are using this particular shipping template, and then verified the template’s settings.

Thank you for the suggestion - I will do that next (remove international briefly) and see if that does the trick.I was hoping it was a system-wide issue because I really don’t want to contact Amazon as the odds of them fixing 1 thing for 1 seller are lower than them fixing 1 problem for most sellers.

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I was hoping it was a system-wide issue

Mine all show correct dates, but I don’t offer international shipping - or to US territories. If the issue is tied to Amazon incorrectly taking those settings and assigning them to domestic shipments, I wouldn’t see it on my listings.

Another thought… have you checked to make sure that your correct address is showing in the ‘default’ ships-from address setting? If that was somehow blanked out, Amazon may be defaulting to the longest possible delivery option available.

Check Settings → Shipping Settings → General Shipping Settings Tab → Default shipping address


Default Shipping Address is correct :+1:

Hmmm, check your returns address too. There was some kind of problem mentioned on the Amazon forums a while back where the system was deleting the default return address, causing issues for sellers.

Settings → Return Settings → Manage Return Addresses tab.

If that’s not it, I’m out of ideas.


All good there as well :+1: Thanks very much for your suggestions!

Fingers crossed for some sales of that product so I can dive into it more.


Had a new sale come through, the delivery date now looks correct:

4-8 days Free Economy Fixed

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