Amazon doing some 'bragging' about their Counterfeit Crimes Unit "Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit at work"

The post from @Dougal_amazon

And the story about all that they are doing – One part – “The number of bad actor attempts to create new selling accounts decreased from 6 million attempts in 2020, to 700,000 in 2023, stopping them before they were able to attempt to list a single product for sale in our store.”


All this tells me is less and less people are trying to or are opening Amazon selling accounts.

It’s hard to compare 2020 to anything with anything.

Silly pat on the back for literally doing nothing IMO. It’s all spin.

Not buying it, not even a counterfeit version of it.


I mean good for them raising the entry bar, but now they just buy existing or hijacked accounts.

Also amazon made it harder to sell and run with reserves on balances so it is not as lucrative as it once was.


Note we are being pointed to an article published a month ago…


Well, the MODS are backed up… :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


I’m sure the mods there can find some decent deals on psyllium husk products to work on that. Unless they’re making label claims about weight loss due to waste loss, the products should even not be harried by TIC issues!


I love how all the comments on the thread are about the hijacking of USA brand names by overseas cough [China!] cough sellers.


We don’t need a counterfeit crimes unit, we need the chinese to not be allowed to list (or hijack) any US brand.


According to the report, Amazon’s lists of counterfeit items may even carry the “Prime,” “Amazon’s Choice” or “Fulfilled by Amazon” labels, misleading consumers into a false sense of security about product quality.

“The all-too-familiar ‘Amazon’s Choice’ endorsement is a scam,” the Counterfeit Report said.


“Counterfeit Crimes Unit”

I wonder, is a “unit” bigger than a team. An Amazon team consists of zero to one people.

So a Unit must be at least two, right? Otherwise it would just be another “team” Or maybe they just put two teams together and told them they now also the CCU


Some years back, Dharmesh Mehta (Amazon’s VP of Worldwide Selling Partner Services) made an “About Amazon” blog post (link) indicating that


  • Amazon employed more than 10,000 people to protect its store from fraud and abuse.

In subsequent news, it was announced that Amazon was taking on 2000 new hires specifically for employment as members of the CCU.

Not too long after that development came the announcement that Amazon was cutting 18,000 jobs, although specifics as to exactly where those layoffs were to occur proved rather scanty.

Any way you slice the pie, it would not seem that the CCU has done a particularly effective job, dadgummit…