Amazon FBM - What fresh hell is this?

So, Amazon has lost so much product, and been “out of stock” so often, I am shipping orders FBM, at least during the “busy season”, as I don’t need the annoyed emails from customers who have been customers since Jimmy C was president.

But here is an “end of day form”:

Sure hope the folks at the post office speak Extended ASCII! :wink:

With every passing day, our friend @SawleMill’s recent observation - that the Ides of March 2024 is likely to be the best we can shoot for, in regards to Amazon finally integrating the Ground Advantage changes into its preposterous & ever-clunky BSS/MSS system - appears to be a proposition worthy of a chance…

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FWIW, I got a surprise today. Shipping for a 5-pound book about 90 miles away (using Amazon shipping) was 10 cents cheaper using USPS Priority Cubic than using USPS Media Mail. I still miss USPS Regional Flat Rate Boxes.

@packetfire, you’re shipping things to a galaxy far far away?
How much did shipping to Tatooine set you back?

I just created an end of day form, and mine looks fine. Maybe something in your settings?

Slightly unrelated, but didn’t you ask about creating 2 scans forms in a day in your other post? If so, you can do it (if you can figure out how to get it in English, that is), whenever you need to. Each scan form zeros out the orders, so anything you ship after producing one scan form will go on the next form, whenever you create it.

There’s no limit of only doing one per day. Amazon automatically creates one for you in the overnight hours, so you start each day with a clean slate, but you can create as many mid-point scan forms as you want.

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Yes, I did ask, and thanks so much for explaining, I was slowly grasping this myself, as the good post office where there is rarely a line closes at 1pm, and the big bad post office with the line closes at 5pm, so the young man I hired to do all this label printing and packing and noszenie can visit each, and put out two mailings a day if need be.

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so the young man I hired to do all this label printing and packing and noszenie can visit each

Have him ask them if they prefer people with pre-paid packages to drop them off on the back dock. Most post offices that serve lots of sellers have us do this - they’ll tell you to drive through the gates marked ‘authorized vehicles only’ and drop your tubs filled with packages right on the loading dock.

[quote=“Roxy, post:7, topic:1807”]
[/quote]…and packetfire

Is this Polish for some term useful to Amazon sellers?

In the sense for which our friend @packetfire used it, I suspect it means ‘carrying’…

Schlepping, as we say in my neck of the woods? I am always happy to learn new words.

Yes, it is a colloquialism - “to carry or wear a burden”.

My wife comes from a Polish mother and father, so she is Bi-Polish, and she says that the closest term is the Brooklyn Yiddish term “Schelp”.

(She speaks fluent Brooklyn - she did some work for the USAID program back in the 1970s, and actually traveled to the wilds of Brooklyn, and lived among the savage natives, and taught them about things like personal hygiene, clean drinking water, and being slightly nicer to their womenfolk).

Pretty brave for a literal “uptown girl” from the upper east side


Yeah, but there is a very big BUT - if you drop a tote of packages off at at the dock, no scan for you!

I think everyone really really wants the USPS to scan that barcode, and accept the packages, otherwise Amazon will try to claim that you never mailed anything.


Note that scan forms do NOT guarantee an acceptance scan which you need for INR claims to prove you shipped on time. One of the many many reasons we would never use buy shipping on Amazon. Not a popular opinion, but we don’t get INRs very often and the money and headaches saved are worth it IMHO.


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Note that scan forms do NOT guarantee an acceptance scan which you need for INR claims to prove you shipped on time. One of the many many reasons we would never use buy shipping on Amazon.

The easiest way to get around this, if you’re ever so inclined, is to set your handling time at 2 days, but ship on day 1. For a ‘timely’ acceptance scan, you only need a scan before the end of the ‘ship by’ window. If your window is ship by Wednesday, but you ship on Tuesday, then the package will almost certainly be scanned at some point on the outbound by Wednesday, which will satisfy Amazon.

Of course, if you don’t get many INR’s, then you don’t need to worry about this at all.
Personally, I use Buy Shipping for it’s ‘just in case’ coverage. What happens most often is that a buyer reports non-delivery to Amazon, Amazon sees that I shipped through Buy Shipping, and they pay the claim themselves without my ever knowing it was filed. I like this convenience of not having to be bothered with the customer’s issue, and not having to pay for it out of my pocket.

To each their own, of course. Just offering my two cents.

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Yeah, but there is a very big BUT - if you drop a tote of packages off at at the dock, no scan for you!

If you leave your scan form in with the packages, the dock worker will scan the form. The only benefit you get from standing in line is if you get a clerk to scan each package individually. If you give the clerk your scan form, you’re getting exactly the same scan you’d get if you left them on the dock.

I certainly appreciate the info. I just see all the horror stories about all kinds of issues with buy shipping and like you said we rarely get INRs, I just don’t want to deal with problems. The advice you gave is certainly on point and absolutely makes sense so I’m not saying using off site shipping is for everyone, but for us it works well. We are mostly 100% FBA and have been, but if they keep having issues on receiving (we have not experienced that) we may eventually have to go FBM. I am prepared for whatever comes down the pipe.


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Perhaps my experience is unique, but I just looked up the tracking number of one of the packages dropped off at the post office today. It was dropped off with a few dozen other packages just before the 5pm cut-off, and ONLY the scan form was scanned. The packages were witnessed by my man as going into the cloth laundry basket on wheels, so the next stop for those packages would be the sorting center several miles up the road.

But the tracking for the package says:

In transit
August 14, 04:55PM
[City, State]

So, scanning that scan form DOES seem to create a real-time record of receipt of the individual packages, in the town where the post office is, different from the town where the sorting center is.

This is what I have seen happen for years. When a scan form is scanned, all the tracking numbers referenced by the scan form are “scanned and accepted”. Now I’m on the east coast, maybe we have better computer gear here?

On the other hand, our automated National Weather Service weather radio voice sounds like a robot that tried out for the part of the voice in “War Games”, and was rejected for being “too mechanical”. Philadelphia has a MUCH better-sounding voice on their weather radio frequency.

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Nail, meet hammer.

Again, we come face-to-face with the macro/micro dilemma with which Amazon - among other behemothic entities - so-mightily struggles, for no better reason than the many ills inherent in ANY employment of the Silo Management Model of Bureaucratic Administration.

It would appear their font is incorrectly set to Wingdings.

The problem is they are scanned but NOT accepted. This is what you want to see and Amazon will not recognize anything else, it HAS to be accepted at the facility to be shipped on time.
Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 10.42.16 AM

And, if you buy shipping off Amazon, they will not cover INRs unless you ship with signature required. Even then, I have seen posts where they denied the claim. Buy shipping isn’t all it’s cracked up to be IMHO. It’s buggy, glitchy, and the transit times are crap. You asked a question in the thread about other charges. That’s another thing, my off Amazon postage vendors NEVER come back and charge me for “adjustments”. Never. I don’t want to have to waste time chasing down bogus charges and fixing glitches. Just be aware if you do buy shipping off Amazon, you supposedly lose some protections which in my opinion aren’t worth the hassle.