Amazon global_catalog_owner attribute, Vine error 406

So this is a new one to me.

global catalog owner

I have no idea yet on this attribute or where it actually exists to be set.

Anyone know about it??

ETA - Possibly this is an Amazon Merch on Demand attribute … (?)

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We can see threads posted to Europe on it since June of 2022 but every thread was closed with no answer. :thinking:

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It appears it has something to do with being unable to link the Brand to the owner.

This is from the UK forum…

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Yeah, I read those before I posted. No answers anywhere.

I have the XSD’s and all kinds of saved Templates … nothing.

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Hum, maybe this is the mystery attribute that keeps brand registry owners from editing their listings? Some hidden field in the database that we as outside sellers can never edit perhaps? And to which brand registry and seller support and other internal teams may not always have access to either? But that sometimes gets messed up?

Is it not referring to our Global Account?

Sort of, but not exactly.

My interpretation of this is that the “catalog owner” attribute = Brand Registry, is set by Amazon and is what gives the brand more control over the PDP’s. I would expect the attribute to be either a default of “Amazon”, “Amazon Retail” or the brand name.

So then the “Global Catalog Owner” attribute would cover all Marketplaces, and be a part of your Global.

The fact that support says this can be set by the Brand is just odd to me.

@oneida_books just saw this topic on the NSFE: