Amazon Just Assumes That Everything Is Made In China

See the attached, its an email from Amazon promoting their own shipping service between China and the USA. Its an insult to anyone who makes a product in the USA, as they are raising shipping costs for USA manufacturers with multiple tricks, starting with “split shipments” which make pallets less economical.

I distill a product, and I make my steam here in the USA with an array of tracking solar parabolic collectors and heat exchangers, so I have everyone riding my butt from ATF (who thinks I might be distilling booze, but still - what a country! All the good stuff is in one department - Alcohol, Tobacco, AND Firearms - sounds like a weekend in Vegas more than a federal agency) to the Dept of Homeland Security who is absolutely sure that it will all explode, as they read that long ago, steam engines used to do that. But I want a zero carbon footprint, and I have it.

So my costs are FAR higher than they would be if I just farmed out manufacturing to China, where they would use coal-fired electricity, and likely not even give the employees decent workboots or safety glasses.

But Amazon just loves China, at least until the NEXT even lower-cost manufacturing option appears. And they let them put bogus stickers about “made in USA” on their crap, and so on.

90 bucks a cubic meter? God-damn, that’s cheaper than what I gotta pay UPS for SPD to bring stuff within city limits.