Amazon just destroyed one of my FBA books




Order Item ID:2401231nuA-0


Condition: New

Destruction was ordered 22 January 2024, and completed 29 January 2024. I did not order this.

1: There is no way to identify this book.
2: I removed all of my books from FBA in February 2017, when the fees got too high.

I wonder how long they would allow a seller to exist on the platform if we exhibited that level of ‘efficiency’. /S :man_facepalming:


Probably warehouse damaged or something and it just sat for a long time.

Certain unsellable item types you have no control over because if you were reimbursed for it previously it’s now Amazon’s property.


This is true, of course, but if a unit is reimbursed, then the 3P Seller should not be receiving notification of a Disposal Order (and its incumbent charge) for said good.

It can also be destroyed after being found for safety reasons without seller permission. I had a long fight about a destroyed item without request, and the policy allows for it. The executive team was kind enough to show me that the item was returned with a customers purchase of brake fluid that had leaked on several items in the return shipment, and policy and TOS allowed for them to dispose of the item at their discretion. The individual was quite clear that expecting an answer is not the norm but he stated “you are cool and we happen to have a picture associated with your LPN” or something to that effect.

We may dispose of any Unsuitable Unit (and you will be deemed to have consented to our action) (d) immediately if we determine that (i) the Unit creates a safety, health, or liability risk to Amazon, our personnel, or any third party; (ii) you have engaged in fraudulent or illegal activity; or (iii) we have cause to terminate your use of Services with immediate effect pursuant to Section 3 and are exposed to liability towards a third party; (e) if you fail to direct us to return or dispose of any Unsuitable Unit within thirty (30) days after we notify you that the Unit has been recalled; or (f) if you fail to indicate your removal preference for any Unsuitable Unit such disposal may be in any manner we deem appropriate (e.g., by selling, donating, or recycling,) and we may retain any proceeds received.” F-7.2

If the book had mold being lost forever or stuck in the roof of a leaky trailer for 3 years, they will deem it unsafe and send you a disposal message.

7 years it took them for disposing 1 book that had probably been there for at least 6 months, and they charged me 97 cents.

I remember 15 cent disposal fees and 50 cent return fees last time I paid them.

I have no plans to contact Amazon for reimbursement of the 97 cents.


Ya, you have already exceeded the value of that time, simply clicking on the reply to my previous post. :slight_smile:

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You probably got billed LTSF for 6 of the 7 years too. (They won’t reimburse that though)

If I recall correctly, I have not had a long-term storage fee since 2017, and am unlikely to take the time to check for the storage cost of one errant book.

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There was some sort of notice a couple of years back that they would start notifying us if they found something that was “lost”. Several books of mine showed up; not sure of the titles, but SKUs were all in the range that I was using probably in 2017-18. They sat in “Unfulfillable” for a while, and I was never able to remove them; they finally went away a couple of months ago (not sure exactly when; I’d given up checking on them). If they sent me a notice that they were disposed, I missed it.

And my overall FBA storage fees are low enough that it’s not worth my time to track down any oddball stuff like this. I’m just happy to not see the notice at the top of Seller Central anymore that I have unfulfillable inventory.