Amazon labels: 203 DPI?

From what I can tell, Amazon labels are created at 203 DPI. My printer (ZD420) prints at 300, so these labels are not printing on the labels at the correct size and orientation. However, they used to. Therefore, I am led to believe that something changed, and I know it wasn’t my printer.

Is there any way for me to change the resolution of the Amazon labels?

Went thru print settings and didn’t see anything that concurred with dpi. There is a threshold setting under properties > Grapha which seems like a contrast setting - it would seem that the type of printer you buy determines the dpi setting from a quick google search so you can buy a 300 dpi printer or a 600 dpi printer.

Additionally, if you’re printing directly from the browser that may lead to poor print quality as opposed to from the actual pdf file.

Some thoughts.


Make sure the dithering is turned off. Makes a world of difference in my labels. I thought amazon had done something to the labels…again, but somehow my 2844 got set on halftone which affected output quality. I switched it back and they are fine again.


Yes, the printer head is 300 DPI, and to print this label at 203 DPI the way it is supposed to be printed I would have to get a new print head. Or so says Zebra support.

I went through all the printer and driver settings multiple times, but as far as I can tell, and as far as the Zebra support woman could tell, the issue is that my printer prints at 300 DPI and the labels are issued by Amazon at 203 DPI.

I have tried printing directly from the Amazon order page, through the shipping module of my inventory management program, and by saving the label to my pc and printing from there, but the labels all print the same. And I have dithering off.

The labels are still legible and readable by the various carriers, they are just not printing as they should. But I don’t think I have any more time to spend on this unless something else changes.

I wouldn’t waste any time. They just blamed us for a label problem and the image they sent met each and every label requirement… Yet we had to waste time on the phone for “coaching” where the person had to keep saying we had to speak with seller support to get our questions answered. I eventually just said, “finish the script so I can get back to work.”

Try Print to PDF, and then print that PDF file. Browsers are sometimes horrible in the way they treat graphics, so problems with printing “direct to the printer” is often the browser’s fault, and this is true on UPS, FedEx, everyone who THINKS that they have a “driver” for your printer.

Tried that. No luck.

I’m sure lots of people use ZD420’s

Not seeing alot of complaints.

It has to be a setting or driver.

I know my ZM400 has multiple drivers - so I install the printer twice.

  1. Zebra ZM400 - 300
  2. Zebra ZM400 - 203
    And assign the different drivers. Then I just need to pick the TYPE I need.



The Zebra rep told me that the printer heads are only able to print at a given resolution regardless of the drivers, and that if I want to print 203 I need to get a different head as mine will only print in 300. Is this not true?

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This seems to indicate it can do both 203 or 300


We don’t have a ZD420 - but I guess it’s worth a shot.

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The chart you posted says “field-changeable”.
In the FAQ at the bottom it says:

Does the Zd420 offer a 300 dpi print resolution option?
Yes, this is a factory installed option. In addition, there are accessory kits available to turn a ZD420 from 203 dpi to 300 dpi, or from
300 dpi to 203 dpi in the field.

This seems to indicate that drivers alone will not allow this printer to operate at 203, as the support rep said. An accessory kit with an alternative head would be required.

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That’s too bad.
So basically the labels are printing “too big” since it has more DPI.
Is that the main issue?

Does it change if you switch to IMAGE - ZPL - EPL?

And you mentioned printing from a PDF doesn’t help…correct?
What about if you saved it as an image?

Can you scale it then?


We use BullZip as a virtual printer.

When you print to it you can select Multiple output types supported: BMP, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PNG, and TIFF

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The labels are printing on about 2/3 of the label with lots of blank space - because the DPI of the printer is higher than the label.


I don’t know and I’m not interested in this as a solution. I print anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred labels a day depending on the time of year and any solution that involves manually doing anything on a per label basis is not feasible. Even more so since the labels are printing clear enough to be valid so this isn’t make or break for my ability to ship.

I can give this a try tomorrow. Thanks.


@maintak, any updates?

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I haven’t been in to work in the past couple weeks.

GOOD! Send adorable photos!*

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$50 solution on ebay

Since the “problem” is that the labels are just being printed at 2/3 size and off center, this “solution” costs about $49.90 more than it’s worth to me. :rofl:

If it isn’t fixable, then it isn’t fixable.