Amazon Let the Programmer out of their cages - Kindle Fire Disaster

Seem like as good a place as any for this thread.

Was on my wife’s fire this evening finding her the next book in a series she’s reading. It should have been in her library. But there is no longer a link to the library on the main menu.

There is no way to “open kindle”/

Once is forced to look at my stuff which is crammed with Amazon promotions which obscure what you have.

Need to search for books in your library. Then click on my stuff. For books which have been purchased and not downloaded, the download button is not working.

After fighting with her fire, I turned on mine. Surprise, I was updated to the new crap.

I will need to figure out how to properly complain. I hope I can maintain my decorum,

@papy if you feel the need to move this thread, I have no objection.


Also the kindle network was down for “at least 48 hours” this week, so yeah, the programmers were let loose and did a standard Amazon job of breaking things before fixing them


In preparation for a trip, I forced myself to read on my Kindle last night (vs. my iPad). It is the most difficult thing to navigate!


My wife and I have Kindle Paperwhites, and they have been in “Airplane Mode” from day one, never even registered. Jailbroken, of course, and I load everything onto them via usb cable, as there is a service called “Anna’s Archive” that has more than we can ever read in a hundred lifetimes.


I bought one years ago to give them a shot. Literally couldn’t stand it after 20 minutes of fighting with the unintuitive UI so I returned it. I have no idea why anyone feels like they have to reinvent UI logic. Just bc Apple perfected something doesn’t mean you have to be different just bc. I specifically mean Kindles and anything Android.


This Kindle problem is likely to apply under any o/s the kindle app is running on. This is an app issue.

I do not love any app based system but android is adequate. But moving from one vendor’s version of android like Samsung to another like Motorola/Lenovo is annoying. When we bought my wife a MotoG phone, I had no idea how different it was going to be from others running the same version of Android.

For all the Iphone users with basically one choice you might not know the difference.


What was it that got fixed? What they broke or what they were trying to break and failed miserably?


Joke is on you as now you know where they exiled that plants and seeds programmer to. :smiley: