Amazon needs to learn how to speak plain english.

I got 2 listing violations for “inaccurate information in description”

It was for 2 old products that the manufacturer went out of business. There used to be a lifetime guarantee for the product, if used send it to the manufacturer and they will replace it.

Ok simple enough remove that information. Violations gone, simple. NO

2 weeks later they came back. The edits did not go live ok have to open a case for each one.

one case they are pushing the changes, The other case they closed I reopened to the point I am now on the phone with seller support because that was the only option left.

Turns out the “inaccurate information on page” was a missing list price.

So instead of getting an e-mail I need to add a list price, i get a violation that has nothing to do with the issue,


:expressionless: Amazon makes everything unnecessarily difficult.


List price was a field that was not mandatory years ago and recently changed to be required. We had several old listings I revived that needed that field filled in to be active.


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Amazon has been playing with the attributes all of this past year with the final announcement telling everyone to download the new category specific excel templates for bulk. We looked to try to find the announcement on the list price as there was a discussion about the value that needed to be added in that revolved around handmade products not really having a list price (manufacturer suggested list price). If we remember correctly, it was resolved with having to enter in the value of 0 (zero) for handmade products.

We will try to look around and see if we can find that reference (or maybe another SAS member like @Dogtamer will have it quicker).


When Amazon mentioned it was going to be a requirement we did a PartialUpdate of just that field with 0.00 for all the items


To be honest, editing the pages to remove the lifetime warranty was probably a good thing.

I have doubts that this new old stock which no longer has a warranty can be listed at NEW if that is how you are listing it, but that will probably not become an issue until a buyer tries to get warranty service.

Expecting Amazon to actually identify the defect in the page, requires a level of openness which is contrary to Amazon corporate culture. Language lessons will not help.


I was just answering the OP on this, but we used the current price in that field as Amazon suggested it should match the current sale price. Hope this doesn’t bite us later when we want to raise the price. The field looks editable at present so I think we could change it if we wanted.



Expect an Amazon email after about 9 months or so saying something like “We have noticed your list price hasn’t changed in a while.” It has never created an issue but just one of those pesky little email that waste your time.