Amazon partnering to allow linking Buyer accounts in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat for in-app purchasing

In the past 5 days, Amazon has announced partner deals with Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and Snap (Snapchat) to allow users to link their Amazon accounts to these social media platforms, for in-app purchasing–just in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday and holiday shopping!

This social shopping expansion is widely viewed as Amazon’s attempts to keep up with TikTok Shop and the rapidly changing trends towards shopping from–and starting product searches within–social media.


I changed the topic title to clarify that Amazon is allowing shoppers to link their Amazon accounts to their Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts.

Not that Amazon is linking Seller accounts to social media accounts, forcibly or otherwise. :sweat_smile:

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Considering how early you’re awake this morning, we forgive you.

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Good move by Amazon. Even though this kind of shopping is in it’s infancy, getting on it now and suppressing a potential competitor(s) BEFORE they have the opportunity to really take off will help keep them in the dominant position.

They can also get sellers to fund the advertising by integrating PPC with it so sellers can pay to show their listings on those platforms.

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Nail, meet hammer.

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