Amazon Prime Video -- why does this even exist?

This is something I been wondering for a while.

If you remember the recent writers/actors strike, one of the key points of contention was streaming residuals. Essentially the studios don’t want to pay much in residuals on streaming because most streaming services are losing money. Considering that Amazon doesn’t even collect an additional fee for their streaming service and it’s just included as part of Prime, I can’t figure out why this service even exists. How many people get a prime subscription just for streaming? I’m guessing it’s close to zero. If they closed it up I’m pretty sure nobody’s going to stop shopping prime because it no longer comes with a streaming service.

If disney, one of the kings of the media world, is losing a billion+ a year on their streaming business, I can’t imagine prime video is anything other than a huge money sink.

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Oh they would. A good number of people only hang on after the annual hikes because they watch stuff. Without it many would cancel. Not 30% many, but 10-15% of prime members? Sure.


That’s incredibly surprising given that a lot of their content is mediocre at best

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Watching a program called Clarksons farm on prime right now.


One thing they do though it make it very easy to sub to other services, often discounted, under the Prime Video umbrella. Britbox, etc. So that makes people thing they watch more on amazon than they do really. And it makes it easy as it’s all in the same parent service.


Yeah amazon gets a cut of those sub subscribers

Friends tell me I would enjoy one of the series on Amazon Prime, whose title I can’t recall at the moment. I have Amazon Prime, but no time to sit around and watch.

Well I loved marvelous Ms maisel on Amazon Prime. They had a good run too I think it was 4 or 5 seasons?

But other than that I honestly forget Amazon Prime video exist.

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Man in the High Castle was pretty good.

Oh just saw an article on this, and found it’s on Prime. If you like Classic Rock this looks like a good watch:

(don’t want to come off like a shill, lol, but I will probably watch this)


Prime Video also has Thursday night Football now. Can’t imagine how much that cost them (and makes them). :slight_smile:


Amazon’s Thursday Night Football contract costs it $1,000,000,000 per year.

Some industry observers have reported the the NFL is apparently not pleased with the ratings returns, as reported by Nielsen - although that may simply be a negotiating strategy intended to inflate the next contract - and Amazon has also reportedly had to seek ways to compensate advertisers for the shortfall in eyeballs.

The video stream is often poor quality.

There are too many fingers in the pot. What are you willing to pay???


Probably another huge loss. Sports licensing rights are incredibly expensive, and TV advertising is a much smaller % of the ad market than it was a decade ago.

Mrs. Maisal–that’s the show my friends recommended. I’ll try to find time to watch it if it is still available.


No one is really happy with the TNF this year.

  • The video quality is meh.
  • Michaels is disinterested and Herbstreit isn’t great either
  • The games were picked well in advance since they are “outliers” and often times the teams/matchup don’t match the hoped situation: ie Aaron Rodgers and many starting QBs getting hurt early, other injuries, and teams just not performing well.
  • A team can have more than 1 game, and so the Jets, Steelers, Bears and Saints are doubled up and they aren’t very good. There are a lot of “stinker” matchups:

Since the topic has come up, I will venture to ask if someone can answer a question about it. The spousal unit has purchased a new “box” to watch Netflix. I don’t even know what they are called, TV is not a biggie with me, I don’t pay attention to the technical details. On this new box, we can open Prime, which I do pay for. What we are wondering is how to sign into it, if he set up the box with his email address rather than mine. Can we sign in with mine to get Prime, without Amazon thinking my seller account is now related to him?? I haven’t tried anything, being as a TV show is not something I would risk my account over. Yes, I am totally Amanoid. (booknut speak for paranoid about anything that changes at Amazon).

Thank you for any assistance.


Yes they can link you for that.


There’s still 10 days to go before the nominations close, but I’m pretty sure that you’ve just secured the prize for “Best-Coined Term of 2023” with “Amanoid,” my friend.

Whether I’m correct in that presumption, I cannot say - but what I CAN tell you is this:

I am SO gonna ‘steal’ that clever portmanteau… :wink:

In regards to your main concern, re: what credentials to use for actually signing in to your Prime Account, our friend @GGX’ astute observation upthread about linkage methodologies is indeed correct - there’s a reason why I pay for Prime separately for one of my personal Buyer Accounts, and disassociate it from our corporate Prime Account: I, too, am Amanoid (and “Amannoyed” to boot :upside_down_face:) - but I am constrained to ask:

Does your lesser ½ also operate an SoA Account?

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When the other half got the new box, he knew nothing of Prime Video, it was one of the choices once you sign in. I have just always ignored the emails about what is new and hot on it, like I say, TV is not a biggie for me.

I think he may have a buyer’s account, he once accidentally ordered a book there. Otherwise he steers clear, having heard too many horror stories from me.


They’re trying, though! Caught this just now while browsing with my Prime account.

I’m not a post-NCAA football fan, so I wouldn’t have understood that this blurb countdown was actually a Prime Video push, without this thread.

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