Amazon Puts Business Hours on Manage Order Page

We noticed this morning that Amazon has added our business hours to the shipping section on the Manage Order page.

Not sure of the importance of having this appear right there but would have much rather the focus to have been on getting the USPS Ground Advantage added in the Selected Shipping Service.

Another interesting thing to note … the buyer’s name was added to the shipping label first line before the person’s name being shipped to (order was purchase as a business customer).


Amazon usually shows the recipients business hours in that particular section.
I do not remember if it is for all commercial addresses or only Business Buyers.

I believe it is only shown for Business Buyers, but I may be mistaken.
I do not have any pending Business Buyers or Commercial addresses to verify today.


That makes sense. We do not get a lot of business buyers and so don’t remember seeing it before. But then we would question where we would put our business hours in Amazon? We thought at one time we did but can no longer find where that was to enter or change (thought is use to be on the General Shipping Settings tab).

Then there is the placing of the business buyer’s name on the shipping label above the person’s name they want it shipped to ??? … The business buyer’s name does not appear in the shipping address but does appear on the label (full name not just the first name shown as buyer). We don’t remember that happening before … is this normal on business account purchases?


You should be able to adjust your Business Hours for Amazon deliveries if you are signed up for Amazon Business. More information in the link below.

Amazon Business [link]

For Business Buyers, the buyers name and PO number seem to print oddly on the packing slips, but the shipping labels print correctly or at least they seem to deliver correctly.

The shipping labels usually do not seem to match the packing slips exactly.

Explains why we do not see it as we are not signed up.

We have had business buyers purchase before and send to a different household. The business buyer’s name never appeared on the shipping label. However on this label today, the business buyer’s full name appeared on the first line followed by the shipping address’s name, address, town, state and zip. We have customers buy and ship to other people often but haven’t seen this one happen before.

The first line would be the purchaser’s name. The second would be the business name. This is how most business shipping works.


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In a normal world, but in this case it was another person’s name and address (probably the parent of the child who’s information was part of the customization)


This is something any customer can add. They are the customers business hours.

On the customer facing side it is done under;

  • Your Account
  • Your Addresses
  • Select “Add Delivery Instructions” to the address you want them on.

This is a screen capture of our business on a non business account. It can be done on our personal addresses too.

The hours then show up on the seller facing shipping page.


The purchaser for business orders has been printing on labels for a long time now. I don’t understand it, but I just ignore it. Never had an issue with the delivery this way, but you would think Amazon could get their shipping labels correct. Along with the addresses that include an attention on the street line, apt numbers being formatted wrong, the list goes on and on.

I also really wish that would get ground advantaged added. Not sure what is taking so long.

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There’s a betting pool on that:

It will not surprise me to see that our friend @SawleMill’s estimate in his reply to that above-linked post - “…the Ides Of March…” - comes closer to the mark than mine…

Thank you … this makes sense and we probably just had our first business customer with this info set up.

Since our buying account is not linked into our selling account and we do not have the buying account set up as a business account, we do not see (had not seen) the options that you provided above.

The buyers name (not a business name for a business account) being placed on top of the shipping info (but not listed on the order details shipping info) is still a mystery to us as to why Amazon’s Buying Shipping added it in on the label.