Amazon Reviews Are Clearly Fake, But Funny



If I recall correctly, there was also a listing for a 55 gallon drum of lubricant that had some amazing reviews on there as well. :rofl:

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I think I remember that one as well, but it doesn’t appear to be extant on either of the two-known “Funniest Reviews” browse-bins:

https: // (this is the one specified in the article)

https: //

It was “LubeLife”:

Interestingly, the fake reviews seem to give these products a surprising amount of popularity. The book titled “How to Avoid Huge Ships” is now only available from third-party sellers, and the lowest asking price is $598.98.

there was some debate among the crew as to whether it qualified as “Huge” or the much more popular “Very, VERY Large”. In the end, the quartermaster was gutted


And worth every penny! I have solo circumnavigated 3 times, and before the cheap and very accurate GPS systems, affordable radar, and satellite-linked AIS maps, those of us in sailboats would hoist our large metal Christmas-tree ornament-like reflectors to create the largest and tallest radar blip we could, and we would stay well out of the known shipping lanes, but even then, there was more than one sailboat run down by massive supertankers. The strategies in the book were crucial, but now, far less so, as I have my own long-range radar, and it can set off a VERY loud proximity alarm if anything gets within an hour of me.

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