Amazon seemingly haphazardly striking through negative feedback

Not sure if anyone else has noticed a huge uptick in Amazon striking through sellers’ negative feedbacks with the following comment: “Message from Amazon: This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience.”

In nearly every case I’ve seen it has nothing to do with the fulfilment, but with the quality of the book delivered. What the hell? I haven’t had a negative review in years, but wish I was on this feature list:

Bad Seller 1

Bad Seller 2


Since 2020, this magic button will zap everything we want gone. Sometimes it gets struck through. Most of the time it vaporizes.

How can you not expect sellers to take advantage of a feature they offer whether it’s justified or not?

It’s very strange how strict most bots are while this one, (which is pretty important), is not…





Wow, guess I’ll have to remember that one. Talk about always pleasing the customer at Amazon :roll_eyes:

In my world, when it comes to “The Customer”, it’s our competition that has a habit of:

  • Leaving fake negative product reviews.
  • Having their friends upvote those same reviews so they rise to the top
  • Leaving fake negative seller feedback.
  • Knocking off our products and stealing our IP so we have to spend lots of $ on legal bills to take care of it the right way.

I find it fascinating that these same products get stellar reviews everywhere else. Strange huh???

So yea, I’ll take the liberty to get rid of everything we can to protect our business by using the tools Amazon makes available to us whether they work right or not…

Amazon is a game, it’s not an actual legitimate marketplace. I still can’t believe what goes on there and we’ve been at it a while now.


Besides FBA orders, they also strike through delivery complaints for FBM orders that used Buy Shipping.


This is indeed the promise.

And it has worked for me the one time I requested it.

But there is a limit to both the content (even delivery-related) and the frequency that they’ll strike through for FBM feedback, and they do not remove any feedbacks (to my knowledge).

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Ahem, everything is a game ala game theory. Just have to know how to play.


I have found a few struck through that I didn’t even know were posted, the bot did it. And I have asked for removal of others that were against policy, those disappear completely when they recognize that I am correct.


[mod edit: PII removed from image]

I always wondered who to bribe to get this service. (This is not me. It is one of those evil sellers who keeps underpricing me by a penny).

The “request removal” button rarely works for me. I get about one, usually unfounded or completely psychotic feedback a year, but since hardly anyone leaves positive feedback, it really hurts my seller rating.


There are two types of “strikeouts” for Feedback Manager - one for FBA, and a separate one for FBM; all of those shown in your screenshot are of the former flavor.

While there has indeed been some credible evidence that the system can be - and has been, in more than a few cases - manipulated by the Bad Actors, that’s not always the sole explanation - for instance, we ourselves have not had to utilize Feedback Manager for several years now passed, as the automated mechanisms have been automatically striking through the (admittedly, very rare) negative Seller Feedback for our FBA Orders without any intervention on our part.

BTW - Welcome to the SAS Forum - which I believe you’ll find to be the BEST Seller Forums Experience!


Hi @Zardoz and welcome to SellersAskSellers! I edited your image to remove the seller i.d. in the web address. It’s easy to miss, and I appreciate that you covered everything else up already.

LOL but sadly it does happen…

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Thanks, I missed that.


Right and the one for FBA works every single time for us whether or not the feedback meets the policy or not.

It used to be much pickier but now it’s 100%. It’s weird but good bc we suspect all of our negative feedback and reviews come from our filthy dirty competitors and the occasional psycho actual buyer.

On occasion I feel a little dirty myself removing some of them but hey, why not if Amazon will allow it?