Amazon / Shipstation & IOSS VAT

Does anyone know if Shipstation handles the IOSS VAT Identification, order value, and Order ID appropriately when printing relevant international labels for Amazon?

Good questions! I personally have no answers.

"ShipStation’s IOSS Support
The IOSS number MUST be provided on custom declarations to be authorized. ShipStation allows you to apply different tax IDs for your international shipments. It is simple to apply your IOSS number to pay VAT charges for your international orders within ShipStation. This will automatically apply to all applicable international orders. "

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I have opened a support ticket with Shipstation to confirm they process the IOSS VAT data from Amazon. I’ll reply here when I get info.


Shipstation just confirmed they do not look for / do anything with this IOSS VAT data from Amazon orders…ugh.

This stinks because Buy Shipping only offered USPS Int’l Priority Mail to Portugal for $45. I used First Class International on Shipstation for under $16. I guess I’ll hand-write the info on the packing slip and add an extra customs label on the outside to show the IOSS VAT info. Shipstation is using an Int’l processing center in Illinois before they slap on the Int’l label.

You might be able to hand write the ioss info, but to get confirmation don’t rely on the answer from a front line postal clerk.

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