Amazon states 0 units received - Advice?

Amazon, as always, is being ridiculous. I sent in a 10lb box of 45 units, UPS weighed it at 10lbs, and in my shipping plan I stated it was 10lbs. They said 0 units were received and in the case I submitted they said the shipping plan was 15.9 but carrier weight was 10. I showed them screenshots showing my shipping plan was 10lbs. They just repeated the same thing over and over. My inventory ledger shows +45 of that item on 05/14 then -45 on 05/20 with no further activity. I was wondering if any of you have any advice? I have no idea where they are getting the 15 lbs from. We had a call scheduled for today and they never called, of course.

"We have received your request to investigate discrepancies with shipment FBA1. Upon investigation, we have found a weight discrepancy on your shipment:
* Shipping plan weight: 15.9394215426 pounds
* Carrier weight: 10.0 pounds
* Difference: 5.9394215426 pounds

Due to the weight discrepancy, we are unable to confirm that all of the expected items were shipped and cannot reconcile nor reimburse for the discrepancies you have asked us to investigate. "

Screenshot 2023-07-06 131139

:woman_facepalming: Ugh, so frustrating. Hopefully one of our FBA sellers can weigh in soon.

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Greetings Q and welcome.

Many times what you see is Amazon using a negative receipt after a failed internal transfer. When they loose your stuff between point A and B before it gets to a final destination, you need to open a case for lost inventory and post the negative receipt data from your above report.

We simply state the following under Amazon lost inventory…

Items lost during internal transfer according to the following inventory ledger…
(Cut and paste your ledger info above)
Request reimbursement per policy - Amazon Sign-In

“This page applies to eligible items that are lost or damaged by an Amazon fulfillment center or a facility operated on behalf of Amazon, after we receive them from you.”
Amazon received our inventory in inventory on May 14, 2023.


Hi VTR, And thank you!

My Help Case was originally a “Self service negative efficacy for warehouse_lost_issues_serenity workflow” and I provided them with the invoice which had all the requirements. That’s when they touted off with the shipping weight discrepancies. And despite me proving otherwise, that is what they are sticking to.

Just keep citing the policy and the inventory ledger information. Eventually you will pushed to make a phone appointment to explain to a human, or you will get an email like this …


Thank you! I’ll keep pushing along.

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If I could give @VTR 5 hearts for this I would. back on the OSFE he was the absolute expert on lost inventory and I learned a lot from his FBA posts. He is spot on with the internal losses (even though it doesn’t happen often for us). Thank you VTR for sharing your knowledge on this!



100%! We don’t do a huge amount of FBA, but its always a headache.

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Thankfully out of hundreds of thousands of units moved and millions of dollars sold via FBA, the actual amount lost or not reimbursed is less than we would spent taking employees to dinner once in the last decade. We have lost more money on propane, idling forklifts.


This is exactly what we do since the Inventory Ledger replaced the long-extant 8-step process (and what we did before was similar, if a bit more labor intensive), although we’ve never been scheduled for a hands-on call; any such reimbursements in cash then go on a special watch-list, because:

  1. We learned early-on in our Amazon journey that it was Best Practice to always purchase any of our ASINs offered up by Warehouse Deals (haven’t had the straight-to-WISH experience that other members of our Seller Community have described over the years, but we monitor for that, too)

  2. The accountants fly into a tizzy whenever Reversed Reimbursements show up in later calendar years, causing them to jump through additional hoops - admittedly not a particularly common happenstance, but it has occurred several times, most recently in Nov. `22 for a 2020 FBA Inbound Shipment which was originally reimbursed in cash.

It must also be admitted that - likely, methinks, because we were adherent to industry-standard Best Practices for packing slips long before Mr. Bezos was a mere gleam in his parents’ eyes - we ourselves cannot really complain as much as others might rightfully do in regards to the ever-present DC/FC-produced foibles in the Inventory Reconciliation process…

Uhhhh… wait a sec, there… if they LOSE the inventory, and they find it again, wouldn’t they put it back into THE SELLER’S inventory, and reverse the reimbursement? Why would they dump the items at “warehouse prices”?

NEVER let the beancounters (or the lawyers) run the show!

You book the reimbursement as a LOAN when the inventory was lost, as Amazon pays you PROVISIONALLY.

The reimbursement is a loan (at zero interest, lucky you), not income, but instead a liability on the books.
The lost inventory is a total write-off, subtracted from revenue as a cost of dealing with Amazon.
So, when the reimbursement is reversed by Amazon, that’s a repayment of the loan in full.
But now you also have an “inventory adjustment”, and eventual sales of the newly-found items. But the write-off is still valid for the prior tax year, you just have “free goods” to sell, where there is no “Cost of Goods Sold” for the items that were found. So one year, you write off, and in a subsequent year you have a very good margin on any items “found”.
What’s done is done, and if you mess around and restate things, you are paying the accountants more in their time and effort than the beans that they count are worth.

Just to make sure, go down to the parking lot, and remove the rear-view mirror out of your CFOs car. Make sure he gets the point. (You’ll need a Torx 15, and Torx 20 screwdriver).

At some point, the inventory is truly lost, so the loan becomes income, pure profit. When? Dunno.

Unless you really want insurance or a loan…

That is the email I got after reopening the case couple times, and Amazon reimbursed me out of “Goodwill”.

Since I haven’t asked for reimbursement of missing received units from a shipment for a while, I’m not sure whether Amazon will do the same thing (Reimburse out of good will) again, if I have to ask again anytime soon.

Did anybody got multiple of these “goodwill” reimbursements in short time period?

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I know this is an older post, but let me weigh in for future readers.

I would suspect that what Amazon is going by is the FC’s (cubiscan) or PDP’s (Product Detail Page’s) item weight shows.

Example (rounded, and assuming my math is close)

  • Amazon shows the individual item weight to be 3.66 ounces
  • You show the individual item weight to be 2.3 ounces

… assuming all 3 SKUs have the same weight.

These days with all it takes to get reimbursed one needs to be sure that Amazon has the correct data set on hand for FBA products.