Amazon tailoring shipping options to when businesses are open.


Just had a business order that had an arrival range of now to 11/15

My only shipping options were overnight or 2nd day through Veeqo so I went direct on Amazon and the same thing.

The business hours were listed on the buy shipping page
Closed Sat, Sunday, Mon, Tues.

Since every other option would have it arriving while they were closed Amazon was trying to force us to pay $30 for shipping on a $25 item.

Yep I took the chance and shipped it

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Maybe Amazon will do you a favor and block you from selling to business customers. I’m 100% FBA and would want to block them just because of invoiced orders.

If people wanted to offer terms and cater to a business’s special needs (closed 4 days a week… really) they would be a wholesaler, not a retailer.

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Probably related to this

I’m not sure how I would survive doing FBM without all the massive invoiced orders that I have to wait for payment since they couldn’t afford to pay right away… /S :imp::imp::imp: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sales are sales and its only 30 days. My gripe with the whole thing is if Amazon is going to guarantee payment regardless if the customer pays or not, why can’t they pay us like a normal order and give it to us on our next disbursement?

I’m more concerned about how long it takes to get paid for liquidated items. I’m now running into next March before getting paid for them.


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I actually have less of an issue with the long liquidation pay time because you opt in to that.

If you don’t like the liquidation program nobody’s forcing you to use it, you’re more than welcome to contract a 3P liquidator and remove your inventory to them for processing. On the other hand, you are FORCED to offer business customers terms at Amazon’s discretion.

Because just like it’s about interest and cash flow for us, it’s about interest and cash flow for them. The longer they hold onto our money, the better for them.