Amazon won’t stop sending tortured woman unwanted boxes of shoes

This line got me:

Nitu thinks she knows what’s happening. She believes that Amazon sellers stole her information from a dormant Amazon account

So, filling in some gaps here, it sounds like Nitu might have been an Amazon seller, or was somehow associated with an Amazon seller. There is more to this story that is not being published, but feel bad for her.

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Yea it doesn’t make sense why pick a random address out of country to ship returns to?

Too bad Amazon can’t cut a deal with Goodwill to accept FBA sellers’ unwanted items at one of GW’s warehouses.

so far she’s accrued Collect-On-Delivery customs charges from UPS that now exceed $300.

Pardon me, but she’s an idiot. She can refuse the shipments and Canadian Customs can deal with the issue of what to do with the shoes.

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That was my thought too. Unless her driver is signing for her?

The scammer is selling on .ca. Amazon does not allow out of country addresses for returns,

But is he paying for her?

Even the Canadians are unlikely to leave a COD package for their duty.

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Either that or there are packages sitting at ups totaling $300 in COD for her, and they are refusing to reject them?

Again, there is more to this story. The quote that UPS had been “not friendly” says there is more, or she has a history with UPS



Perhaps she also has a history with a related Amazon seller and is deliberately targeted.

Maybe so, but there’s a reason why Amazon has recently deployed the CHC (“Customer-facing Help Content”) page “Report Unsolicited Packages or Brushing Scams” (link).

Tales of woe like this one have been steadily proliferating in various MSM reports this year - and as we have all observed to frequently be the case over the years, it’s only when bad publicity comes to a crescendo that Amazon deigns to address a problem.

The Chinese Brush tars broadly - and Amazon is inexorably being forced to acknowledge that its ill-starred 2012 decision to throw open the US Marketplace to 3P/1P Sellers, in 2013, who do not ascribe to the long-practiced & well-established norms of Western/Occidental Society, in regards to the properly-ethical conduction of business, has ever-increasingly been revealed to be a grave error.

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My point was why make the return address some random address in Canada, if the buyers are in the USA. The article doesn’t indicate what marketplace they were selling on. Just that the buyers were in North America and the returns were going back to Canada.

The returns from FBA in the US can only be shipped to the US.

If the woman was in Canada, the returns must be from .ca

Or the entire story is a fiction. Which is always possible when read on the Internet.

This entire story, with the customs bill, has problems with reality.


Didn’t think of FBA issues. On this article they don’t seem to FBA returns though and any FBA returns would be shipped back to a FC not to a home address which could have only been a removal order and would have been from CA anyway. Correct me if I am wrong but I have never had an FBA order shipped to CA come back directly to me.

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No recalled returns shipped from FBA may ship to another country. If a seller has all FBA returns automatically returned to them, they can only have it shipped to the same country.

Every FBM seller must provide an address for returns which is in the same country as the marketplace.

For this to be understandable at all, the sales must be on .ca


Here is another case from The Insider – I’m not one, I just follow a ton of weird stuff.

In the story they have a theory about what’s up –
"WUSA traced the returns packaging labels to 15 fulfillment centers in nine different states, the local media outlet said.

“It all boils down to money,” CJ Rosenbaum, a founding partner at the New York law firm Rosenbaum Famularo, said in an interview with WUSA.

Sellers in China who need to get their products out of Amazon warehouses pick random addresses and send their unwanted products there, he said, adding: “It’s just cheaper for them to do so.”"

I can’t find the picture but there was one story where a woman was actually PAID to let them use her address for returns. The entire front lawn was piled high with boxes. The town finally had to get an order demanding their removal from the site.

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I suspect you may be thinking of our friend @Tandi’s image posting in an earlier Chinese Brush-related thread from July:

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And BINGO has been declared! :laughing:


Not 100% sure it’s the same woman, but one made our local news last night. No mention of monetary issues like COD charges. Lame news casting, basically just footage of the pile and her shrugging her shoulders.

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