Amazon worker's rant goes viral

A self-centered Amazon delivery guy on TikTok says he hates carrying water and dog food; threatens to contaminate/change those items.

I don’t know his current employment status, but I expect that he won’t be carrying anything for Amazon real soon.

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Even more alarming is the fact that his primary position is as a trainer of others (his diatribe appears to have been prompted by a temporary foray into the delivery realm he’s charged with supporting).

Entitlement is a decidedly-unattractive character trait.



:roll_eyes: Tell us you’re weak with low stamina and self-discipline, without telling us…oh wait! He did tell us:

Opting to volunteer for an extra shift, he was assigned to the role of a picker which involves handling heavy items and packages. “Since I’m a trainer, most of you should know trainers don’t really do much, we sit on our ■■■ all day"

I suspect this person’s critical thinking skills and compassion are underdeveloped–hopefully in progress (not stunted) and he can learn from this–because his conceptualization is both inaccurately narrow and super ableist.

He continued, “Tell me why every other item I picked was either Fiji water or fcking dog food? Are you telling me you’re out of water, you go on Amazon, and you wait two to three business days to get your f***g water, bro? What are you drinking in the meantime? Take your lazy a to the store and buy water there like normal people do.”

Subscribe-and-save is a thing. People can set this up for water and dog food.

Literally all that Chewy delivers is dog food, cat food, kitty litter, and other pet supplies. Also with subscription options. It’s their whole business.

Going “to the store” to buy water just shifts the heavy item burden to store employees, not the consumer–especially with curbside pick up.

Not everyone can just “go to the store”. And if shoppers take public transportation, they can’t lug big (economical) dog food bags or water pallets, anyway.

Why does he want to retaliate against the people whose Amazon orders keep him in easy employment to “sit on [his] ■■■ all day”?


Even I’m carrying water for Amazon.


I order water from instacart for the same reason people order water from Amazon, because it’s an unpleasant task that you’d rather have someone else do. If you don’t like picking and packing items, any items, sounds like you got the wrong job buddy. The job is to pick whatever items people may want, not to whine about their purchasing decisions.


The solution is a reverse osmosis system. We have been using one for the last 10 years. Gone are the days of water deliveries or hump-ing water from the store.

We bought the unit on Amazon, made right here in the USA (Massachusetts) for under $150. We even installed one in an apartment under the sink.


Edited to allow ■■■■■■■.


Good solution for some, as reverse osmosis systems are fairly low maintenance since the membranes last a long time, but for the particular gripe in the OP, people buy expensive Fiji water because they believe it tastes better than regular filtered water.


Can you recommend anything that makes dog food? :wink:

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My daughter in law does.

She used to order “The Farmers Dog” then thought how hard can it be? She found a recipe and started cooking it on her own.

That lasted about a month, way to much work.

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Let’s see… you take a job delivering items people order online.

Then you get mad because people order stuff online.


He must be talking about me :rofl:

For whatever reason my wife only likes Fiji water.

I was buying from Fiji directly until I noticed it’s $40 a case from Fiji & $22 from Amazon.

So it’s a no brainer


In our area an independent contractor delivers for Amazon.

We can tell each day which of the two classes of drivers the contractor has made the delivery.

Many of the drivers are African immigrants, the others appear to be Americans.

The Africans are courteous, careful, and follow the rules. The deliver where they are supposed to.

The Americans sound like the complainers in the article, deliver to the wrong door, and create an untidy carpet of packages.

Being a delivery driver is a ■■■■■■ job.

My dad was one until he got a job as a postal carrier. What an improvement in his attitude, even if he was less productive.


First generation foreigners do typically work harder and complain less as it’s generally an improvement over where they came from.

Kids who grew up on their phones and are pissed off they didn’t make it as an influencer tend to be whiny a-holes


Reminds me of that Planet Fitness ad campaign from several years ago. :rofl:

The sad part is that the people who live on Fiji and Vanua Levu lack universal access to clean drinking water while the Fiji company (owned by the Resnicks, who also own POM pomegranate) siphons off what collected over hundreds of thousands of years from rain, and trickled down to collect in defunct volcanic calderas. Then that heavy water is shipped ALL THE WAY FROM FIJI, where it is bought by pretentious jerks who want to impress all the other pretentious jerks.

I’ve sailed to Fiji 3 times, and it is a very pretty place, but the people need all sorts of assistance, as poverty is more common than not. Some are so desperate that one needs to turn on motion detectors to keep one’s boat from being boarded and quietly stripped while one sleeps - rather like the catalytic converter thieves in the USA. It is rare to anchor in a harbor, and have to be concerned with that sort of thing, so the best thing to do is to hire a local to act as a security guard for a few dollars a night. The guard sits on the shore and watches, and makes a fuss if he sees any prowlers, but it is more like “paying protection”.


Well, I’m sure someone in their government is living it up for selling their water rights.