[AMZ] Changes to dietary supplements policy

"We’ve updated the policy on dietary supplements to meet safety standards in our store. Effective April 2, 2024, dietary supplement products need to be verified through a third-party Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) organization.

To ensure that your listings are compliant with our policy, you must use the Manage Your Compliance dashboard to initiate a test for each product with one of the third-party TIC organizations. Once testing is requested, you’ll work directly with the third-party TIC organization to complete the testing of your products. For testing instructions, go to the Manage Your Compliance dashboard and select Add or appeal compliance.

Once we receive a test result that confirms compliance with our policy, your product will be eligible for sale on Amazon.

We will host a live webinar on April 17, 2024, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time to cover Amazon’s policy on selling dietary supplements and to answer any of your questions.

Register here for the webinar

For more information, go to Dietary supplements.

The Manage Your Compliance dashboard shows listings for dietary supplements that require your action along with the due dates under Compliance status. Listings may be subject to removal if they are not confirmed as being compliant with our policy by the specified due date."


@ASV_Vites good news?


What if it is a national brand that has the USP seal of Dietary Supplement Verified?

Does that qualify as TIC verified?


I need to look into this.

Where did you get this from?

And how is it that the policy is going into affect today. LOL

Maybe that’s just the update



This is interesting. We show nothing under that compliance screen (link) for either account.

This is probably another premature ejaculatio n from Amazon on supplements.

The last time they tried this, it failed, and was abandoned before it started after numerous warnings and emails.

If this actually goes through, YES, it’s a good thing for sure and will weed out some, but not all the scumbags poisoning America and the World.


Changes to dietary supplements policy


Quoted above in OP’s opening post.


To be fair, we should probably recognize that it has long not been particularly unusual for this or that News Headline to specify a same date-as-published sea change in policy - nor for one to be even more laggardly than that.

The most recent example of the latter phenomenon is exemplified by the 28Mar`24 News Headline “Policy update for automotive and marine emissions tuners” @ https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/headlines.html?id=GQP25PD5B9YC6PBK (emphasis mine):




Was on a conf call when I made that boo boo…

If this actually happens (which I still have my doubts about based on the past), it will roll out real SLOW. Hopefully targeting unheard of brands first.

Glad to have SAS while this is going on just in case.

The last time it failed was because what Amazon was asking for was above and beyond FDA guidelines and so is this so there will be more big industry push back.

I can only assume it’s above and beyond because there’s literally nothing anywhere on what the real requirements are, who these TIC organizations are, and what the process is.

Not to mention that there’s nothing on any of my compliance dashboards to even go and check what the deal is.

Typical Amazon. I’m all for doing this and paying whatever it costs if that means the garbage on Amazon will go in the garbage can. Skeptical that the bad boys and girls won’t figure out a way around whatever it is that this is…


Has anything changed or shown up in Seller Central in the past week?

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Nope, there’s a webinar next Wed at 2PM EST to go over it.

Had a call with my SAS manager yesterday and inquired. He said it’s going to be rolled out very slowly over a very long period of time but didn’t have much more info on the program, actually had no info not surprisingly.

Meaning, small groups of ASIN’s will be tagged to be reviewed.

Reading into a bit more with my partner. Manufacturers with NSF GMP certs seem to be exempt from all of this. We are which is good. Will know for sure next week.


I got a call pushing SAS for our account from Amazon. I told them my thoughts, its overpriced and slightly better than Amazon Support (sometimes). She tried to tell me that that is old information if I am reading the forums to form my opinion. No ma’am.


I have mixed feelings about SAS. I don’t like our new manager. He knows nothing so it takes forever to get an answer for anything. Our last manager would get back to me in minutes.

Takes this guy 2-4 days to respond as he scrambles his Amazon “Wiki’s” as he calls them for an answer. It’s super frustrating. I can request a new one and will if this continues. Need to give this guy a few more weeks.

Seller Support gets back to me in 12 hours and that’s free ($39.99 per month). Why do I need to wait 100 hours when I’m paying?


This is one of those moments that makes me like SAS.

Got a listing policy violation that yanked bullet points for saying “Satisfaction or your money back”. Oh the horror… How dare us? LOL

That was on that listing since 2019 (not a great seller but decent).

Gets violated 5 years later. Opened a case and escalated to SAS because they don’t tell me what the problem is.

Escalations tells me the problem, tells me to change it and let them know when it’s been done, hour later the bullet points are back and the violation is yanked from account health.

Is it worth the $ - NO. But still a nice luxury to have, especially if you get into a real pickle.


I have always been willing to wait longer for the right answer then hurry to get an answer I can’t trust.

That said, SAS is expensive and I’m sorry your current manager has to google “what is FBA” before trying to help you.


Well… That’s one thing he does know because he came from their DC’s. Our first SAS manager was also Ex Amazon logistics.

Weird career path.


We can’t say that? We have something similar on ours, maybe I should remove it. What is their logic behind this? I would think it’s as pro customer as you can get.



Apparently not…


They must have deployed a new bot because that listing was unchanged from 2019.


To be fair, that prohibition has appeared on that particular SHC (“Seller Help Content”) page @ least since I first archived a copy of it on 15Dec2017.

The policing Amabot in question is not new - we ourselves were forced to adhere to its paradigms on 29Apr2023, despite having used a variation of “100% Money-Back Guarantee” as a portion of the 5th Bullet Point for most all of our Offer-Listings in the Amazon Global Catalog since 2015 - it’s just slow to crawl the catalog.

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Kind of silly. I get that they don’t want people promising money back guarantees and then not honoring them, but they could just make the seller honor it so I don’t see what the problem is.

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