[AMZ] Make sure your third-party app is vetted by Amazon

What popular third-party apps for Amazon Sellers are not already in the Appstore? :thinking: Each one that I searched was there. Is this an advertisement disguised as a warning?

NSFE discussion link:


Nail, meet hammer.

The ever-looming full deprecation of the MWS API in favor of the SP-API - which has been looming with ever-postponed compliance dates for the past several years - likely plays a role in that News Headline being published, methinks.

Speaking of Apps… Anyone here using this with QB? Also works for Walmart.

In theory, bringing over everything from Amazon, including inventory. $660 a year + QB isn’t cheap but it’s like having an AI accountant on staff that supposedly is guaranteed to be perfect…

We did a free trial for a month about a year ago and I wasn’t impressed. Could have been that I didn’t have the time to really set everything up because it seemed daunting to get it right. Of course YMMV.


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