[AMZ] MWS API Users - March 18, 2024, XML and flat file listings data feeds are depriated

Starting today, we are deprecating XML and flat file listings data (including pricing, inventory, relationships and images) submitted via the Feeds API and will no longer provide new features or categories in the legacy category XML format. If you have an application that uses XML and flat file listings data, you have until March 31, 2025 to migrate to the JSON-based Listings Items APIs or the JSON_LISTINGS_FEED submitted via the Feeds API. This deprecation does not impact any listings feeds submitted by sellers directly through Seller Central.

In 2021, we launched JSON-based Listings APIs and the JSON_LISTINGS_FEED feed type for the Feeds API. These solutions empower developers to access new listings capabilities and are available for all product types in hardlines, softlines, and consumables categories worldwide. With these solutions, developers can build sophisticated workflows to create and manage listings. This change applies to all stores worldwide.

The key benefits include:

  • Up-to-date and complete data requirements in product schemas, accessible via the Product Type Definitions API.
  • Uniformity in schemas across data requirement.
  • Complete view of listing errors, accessible synchronously and asynchronously.
  • Validation-mode submissions through Listings Items Put/Patch operations to validate listing data without submitting it to the Amazon catalog.
  • Push notifications for listing status changes and listing issues.

Feed types that will be sunset on March 31, 2025:


What action is required?

If you have an application that uses any of the feed types listed above, you have until March 31, 2025 to migrate to the JSON-based Listings Items APIs or the JSON_LISTINGS_FEED submitted via the Feeds API.

You may notice an increase in product attribute requirements in JSON Schemas from the Product Type Definitions API when compared to category XSDs. These changes more accurately represent the actual requirements for Selling Partners (including when attributes are required conditionally based on other listing data provided). Developers are empowered to accurately meet listing requirements before submitting to Amazon, reducing errors previously received after submission.

Feeds API usage for the feed types listed above will enter a grace period early next year, at which time throughput may be degraded.

Planned new features

Support for Amazon Business (B2B) pricing, media categories, and digital categories coming later this year. In addition to the current features of the JSON-based Listings APIs and the JSON_LISTINGS_FEED feed type, we will soon launch new features that further empower developers to enhance their listings workflows.

For more information

The guides, videos, and sample application below have been developed to help you migrate your applications.

Workflow Guide and YouTube videos on Listings Items API:

Migration from category XSD/flat files to JSON

Sample Solution

If you need help, please reach out to our Developer Support team.

ETA - Full depreciation is scheduled by the end of the month


Thank you @oneida_books !


If anyone needs help switching over, I’m happy to help – I’ve spent a ton of time working with the new Listings APIs. The format/process can be kinda obscure and weird.

(I’m the developer of one of the PHP SDKs for the new Amazon APIs: GitHub - jlevers/selling-partner-api: A PHP client library for Amazon's Selling Partner API)


Thank you, @jlevers - and welcome to the Sellers Ask Sellers Forum, which I believe you will find to be the BEST Seller Forums Experience.


Oh wow, welcome and thank you @jlevers! Just to translate for the rest of us: PHP is a programming language, SDK means Software Development Kit, and the link is open source and free. Very nifty to have this knowledge base on SellersAskSellers. :nerd_face:


I’m DREADING it and keep putting it off.

I came in using (somewhat of a) Java (actually Groovy) code and using Filemaker with a Scriptmaster Plugin. I’m not really a coder so this SP-API is a daunting challenge.

In Filemaker I could load the jars and then the code with the plugin. Once I got the first feed code working the rest went fairly easy. I was able to use the provide modules for MWS to figure things out.