[AMZ] Notice of Feature Deprecation: Carrier Preference on Amazon Buy Shipping

Dear seller,

Effective January 8, 2024, we are removing the carrier preferences on Seller Central for your Amazon Buy Shipping orders, due to low usage of this feature.

How does this impact you?

Today, if you’ve chosen preferred carriers for specific “ship from” locations, Amazon Buy Shipping only shows shipping services from those carriers to help you fulfill your orders. With the removal of this feature, you will now see all affordable shipping services available for those locations.

What do you need to do?

No changes are needed on your end.


Amazon, Fulfilled by Merchant Team

This is not good. Before setting carrier preference, I was always choosing the wrong carrier because I would forget to change it. Now, I’m back to square one.

What a stupid thing to remove

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I don’t use this feature, but I have in the past and if our specific circumstances changed or reverted I might want to again. I don’t approve.

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:thinking: Is it, like, taking up space, or hard to maintain?

Of course, I no longer trust Amazon’s assertions of “low usage” or “sellers asked” or “most people think this is fine”, so why even try to parse the reason?..except I guess to try to predict how Amazon will use the removal of this “low use” feature to make an awful something TBD mandatory.


None of those reasons are ever true.

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Coming soon … Amazon stating …

We show you the best method for your shipment.

[[[ Amazon’s answer to the complaints about missing USPS Media or Ground Advantage on Holiday weekends ? ]]]

Prediction … come soon … Amazon shipping service will be the first shown carrier.


Yes, actually. They are probably doing this because no one has Amazon shipping as the default carrier.


Low usage? You “set” it and “forget” it.

There are plenty of other truly useless things that have low usage. Can you remove those “features” instead?


To be fair, Amazon’s whole business model is predicated upon an ability to discern predilections exhibited by its users, whether they be members of its Buyer Community, its Seller Community, its Contractual Services Community, or any combination thereof.

It is unclear whether or not the citation of “low usage” refers to actual utilization of the Preferred Carrier functionality - a measurement perhaps clouded by the sheer number of Seller Community 1P & 3P Accounts that have been onboarded over the years, and mayhaps muddied further by the ever-sinking overall quality of those who operate them since 2013 - or simply to yet another example of Amazon deciding that a lack of regularly visiting this or that setting/report/feature, as measured by some internal threshold # of accounts, indicates that the feature is unwanted (our Seller Community has seen that movie a time or more before, dadgummit).

Whatever the explanation actually is for TPTB undertaking this initiative - and I can think of several others, not all of which are what our friends @Lost_My_Marbles & @Amazon_Seller astutely elucidate upthread - I cannot say with any certainty.

Nevertheless, I’m fairly certain of one thing:

There exists no such beast as a “Set It And Forget It” setting in Amazon’s scheme.


The homepage widgets


@maintak wins the internets today

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You FBM sellers who use buy shipping should probably do an analysis:

What is the problem rate that gets saved by buy shipping that you would not be reimbursed for otherwise? (Remember that most shipping services with tracking reimburse you for $50 - $100 if they’re lost)

What is the problem rate/additional work caused BECAUSE of buy shipping? Seems like there was another recycled tracking number problem that’s ongoing now.

If buy shipping is saving you the cost of a refund once every 200 orders, you’re probably better off just eating it than dealing with the issues caused by Amazon’s system. Or reserve using buy shipping only for problem orders, eg, ones that have an invalid address.


We would suggest comparing the number of refunds requests you execute verses the number of INR A-2-Z claims you experience. If INR coverage is greater than the number of refunds you have, then Amazon Buy Shipping would still be of value.

There is a fair chance that this current refund issue is something that happened as a result of the final Amazon update to the Ground Advantage and has only effected returns executed during that transition time. Over the next couple of months, it will be important for forum members to report refund issues that result from refund requests executed in December and January. If the current issue is still happening, then we will know that it is something Amazon isn’t addressing or doesn’t feel is important enough to address with urgency.

If you are executing shipping refunds regularly, we would suggest evaluating your process. Shipping refunds should happen on a rare occasion and not as part of your standard shipping process.

We rarely have to request a shipping refund, but, in the interest of documentation of this issue, we will execute a refund in January just to test Amazon and will report back the results.


Buy shipping saves me in time and labor. I don’t do 3P apps. It also saves me in A-Z. I don’t do the volume necessary to let any A-Z slide.

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Low volume makes sense. But for the people who are using another app for their other channels, having this special workflow to use Amazon’s system might be costing them $$ after factoring in the extra work/problems.

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I use a third party app to ship orders, but I have my Amazon shipping integrated with the program so I’m still buying Amazon’s shipping through the app. Amazon’s shipping doesn’t have to be purchased through Seller Central.


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