[AMZ] Print Buy Shipping labels in bulk with QZ Tray

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How can Amazon fail to send out such an important notice?

This should’ve been sent out weeks ago; I’m surprised they didn’t send it out late afternoon on Friday, May 12th… :person_facepalming:

I wonder what will happen when Amazon disconnects Print-Connect because QZ does not work with all systems.

I had to print all our bulk labels on Saturday and today separately and then go back and ensure I hadn’t missed any; it was time-consuming, and I was very annoyed, to say the least.

Here is the workaround for those who print in bulk. 🡫

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It appears that QZ has its own set of issues…

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I got a non-descript email warning about this pending “feature” on May 1st, and then a detailed email announcement (warning) on May 12 at 6:42am. Seems they beat the late Friday afternoon time slot.

No worries because QZ Tray is third-party open sourced software (so it is obviously completely secure). Amazon doesn’t need to offer support, because Sellers can get it from the developer

For the low, low price of just $499

You’ll thank Amazon later…

We all know Amazon doesn’t do anything out of the goodness of its heart; there is always an underlying motive. I was trying to figure out how they were making money off this or how it was benefiting them. DIrecting sellers to use a 3rd party app must benefit them in some way or will eventually in the near future.


The bulk shipping workaround that Bruce_Amazon posted from SS was a fail; what a shocker.

You called it.

…boom 🡪 there it is

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After reading this, I’m so happy that Amazon forced shipstation to stop charging 20 cents extra per package to use Amazon’s Buy Shipping through them. I have several selling channels and shipstation handles them all at the same time in bulk, including Amazon Buy Shipping. I pay $45 / month for 1500 shipments per month which works for me. MUCH easier to use than going through Amazon directly.

And it is web based (nothing to download). Very fast 99% of the time. Good chat support.



The way things are going, I may need to switch over.


I found Amazon Buy Shipping to be cumbersome before all this. I can’t imagine what this must be like now (other than pretty much a huge fail for Amazon once again).

If you switch over you have to connect to Amazon Buy Shipping, and I think its a request to shipstation (can’t remember) but it’s not hard. They have pretty good documentation and a chat support.


So you can connect Ship Station to Amazon in order to still get Amz Buy-shipping protection?


I found the shipstation instructions, looks fairly straightforward.

One of the CMs posted that Amazon is definitely getting rid of Print Connect; it’s just a matter of time, so this appears to be a good solution instead of having to invest in a new operating system just so we can download QZ Tray. Be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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Yes … I purchase “Buy Shipping” labels directly through Shipstation. Very easy.

You can also create your own branded packing slips to print with your orders, adding any fields you want to appear on the packing slip. You have complete control of what goes on there.

There is a lot you can do in Shipstation that is not possible in Amazon (if you need it). I make use of colored “tags” to sort my orders, etc … which are filtered and automated by shipstation at the point of importing.

So basically, you never even need to open Amazon to fulfill your orders. The only issue I have is order cancellations. If I don’t check my orders everyday for cancellations that I have to approve then I might miss those (I have missed a few).

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The funny thing is, I used to log into Amazon just to check messages and visit the forums … I no longer visit the NSFE (well, occasionally but RARELY). Instead I come here. Now I just login to Amazon to check for messages (and cancellations) lol.

But I am FBM so that makes a difference.

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