[AMZ] You can now reach Selling Partner Support through live chat

Anyone try?

[NSFE] You can now reach Selling Partner Support through live chat

You can now chat in real time with a Selling Partner Support associate on Seller Central to resolve questions about selling on Amazon.

We’re constantly working to improve the support we provide, and have heard your feedback that you’d like more ways to reach an associate on our team.

With live chat, you can connect with an associate to immediately discuss your issue. Our associates can help you with the majority of issues via live chat.

If you need to open a support case, go to Get Help. Once you select your store, service, and issue type, click Contact an associate and then select Chat.

To help us improve the live chat experience, let us know at the end of each session if you were satisfied with the support provided.



Is that link arabic? weird

edit: It resolved itself to english - double weird

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There have been rumblings of live chat being back, but had yet to hear from a USA account that had access. Chat always seemed to work well, cause it was live and you had a text record of it, but it was SOOOO Abused

Thank you poor Amazon code.


That was me, sorry should have noted that, I had to manually enter the page title. The NSFE code is so bad it makes Seller Support reps look good


So you peppered thine Angus?

@Chimanimani thanks for posting this!

I also fiddled a bit with title, category, and tags, and added the screenshot to your OP. No worse than an alien abduction. :wink:

Two questions:

  1. Is the chat an actual person, or bot?
  2. …and does it make a difference? :unamused:

I tried this. It was even more useless than talking to a person because its harder to get them to understand that they completely misunderstand you.

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It is a person not a bot (FOR NOW).
Considering the person I spoke to was less fluent in English than chatGPT… yes.

I had a lot of fun with chat and almost never got anywhere.

Now we can get bad answers faster?

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