Any Costume Jewelry experts?

Nisha picked up a really nice vintage brooch from Hattie Carnegie. But we can’t find anything similar anywhere to figure out how to price it; the ones we find range from $200 to $2-3000, so not much help. If anyone could give any pointers on how to figure out what it’s worth, it would be greatly appreciated (PM if you like).

You can see it at:


I know it sounds simple but did try google lens?

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I used to work in the jewelry sales at Christie’s East, years ago.

We had a few sales that were not precious gems, but costume jewelry. Harrice came along for the show. What a weird bunch of customers we encountered and too damned much work for stuff that did not pay off for the house.

They never held another sale like that. Now ask me about the toy doll and toy auctions–they just used to bring out the weirdest customers ever!


Yep. Nothing close.

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No doubt you’ve gone through the Ebay sold listings?


Yeah, as far back as possible. Like I say, other Hattie’s with a wide range, but nothing that looked remotely similar.


Due to it’s invisibility on the internet, I declare this a rare piece valued at 3k :rofl: :rofl:. Good luck. It is a cool looking piece!


The price is what someone is willing to pay. List it at what will make you happy and see if there is any taker. You can always lower it if not.

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I’ll bid $25

I wonder if a place like this might be worth it:

Disclaimer: I have not used this service and am not affiliated with it. Just what-iffing.


What a hideous piece. No doubt, there is a collector somewhere who will pay top dollar.

I’d guess “The Real Real” or one of those “authenticated” resale sites would be best.

That said, there have been several articles about how at least watches are being counterfeited so well, some jewelers can even “service” (clean and oil) the movement of a fake Rolex, and never realize that it was a $500 fake of a $10K watch.

But do they actually keep time as precisely as the real McCoy? I wear an Omega Speedmaster Racing that I have never had serviced at all since the 1980s, at it is still good to within a few seconds a week. (Of course my Seiko quartz titanium chronograph hiking/climbing/diving watch is good to a few seconds per YEAR, and everyone has a cellphone clock which is regularly synched with “the network”, which is synched with the atomic clocks, so one has to wonder why anyone wears a watch any more.)


I collect vintage brooches but need to see clear upclose photos of the backside. Marks will be tucked into tiny places.