Anyone else get there Label Adjustments email?

So we received ours today.

So they is no… (NOT AVAILABLE)

  • weight_carrier(lb)
  • length_carrier(in)
  • width_carrier(in)
  • height_carrier(in)

But they have determined we need to pay more money…
I guess it’s based on Prayers & wishes


have not received any email like this.
We are extremely careful but I’m sure there are “errors”.
Interested to see if we will receive same and how often this report will be generated.
Thanks for the heads up


We did, but have not looked into it. Came in last night.

I do know, we are very, very careful on what we enter for weight and size. I don’t want anyone ripping me off, so we do not ever try to rip of other vendors.


The thing is sellers can’t enter any weight or dimensions for return labels.

Thats what all these are since we do not use Amazon buy shipping for outgoing packages.

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You received this from Amazon? None here yet.

Interesting they are USPS. My returns almost never come back with USPS labels even though many are sent that way. I wonder what Amazon’s criteria is for which carrier they choose for the return. Usually if I send it USPS that is the cheaper option.


So it sounds like the buyers used different size packaging for the return, is that the case here?

We need to fight this discrepancy that Amazon has overlooked, intentionally or not. It is beyond our control and there is no buyer education or policy about the consequences of using larger boxes as far as I know.

Do the original weights and dims they used originate from the shipping tab, or do they pull from the outgoing order label?
Many of my entries on the shipping tab have been converted to centimeters even though I entered them as inches when the listing was created. If this is the source for return label stats, could their auto default (?) use of centimeters be converting to inches incorrectly for the return labels? Perhaps not programmed to convert to the highest full inch.

EDIT: I just reread your post

we do not use Amazon buy shipping for outgoing packages

so that answers one of my questions in your case.


My biggest gripe…

If you are going to make adjustments - at minimum you need to provide more information than “Not Available”. If they don;t have the info how do they know an adjustment is needed? And how can anyone verify the accuracy?

At this point Amazon can add another fee called “Because we can”


That’s BS. Not supporting the extra charge with data?? I ask again what legitimate business operates this way.
I opened a case for a ~ $14 charge described as ‘other’, no info provided. They said it might be this, or it might be that - basically a non-answer to my question. How can they charge my account without telling me what the charge is for.

How can you correct whatever is affecting these labels if they don’t give you anything about which dim or weight caused the problem??

SMH Violently!


Yes they can and do.

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At minimum call it Blue Origin Parachute Donation Fund, Other is just awful


Doubly awful when they can’t give me a reason when asked.

Maybe we don’t want parachutes on Blue Origin …

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Didn’t get the email, but did see 3 adjustments in my transaction list. For 2 of them it switched from actual weight to DIM weight (the dimensions were correct, the diff was Oz vs Lb and even then they weren’t close) and the other was a dimension and weight.

I mean we all knew this was coming, but I agree if you can’t provide the reason for the adjustment, then how can you charge us for it.

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The dim weights are often much more than actual weight. I had a buyer pull a switcheroo return and the wrong items she sent were much larger than what I sent her. I’m watching for an adjustment on that label! Her reason qualifies for buyer paid return so maybe I won’t, or will I see the difference between her label charge and actual? That is an interesting question in this cluster-f return policy.

I received the email with 3 UPS small refunds. I have not seen the refunds post in Transaction View as of today.
only 3 UPS

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Just to clarify - because iirc there was a post of the NSFE of a poster complaining they got charged overages by the USPS for incorrectly calculating their shipments. And then they got charged the full amount on the total weight vs getting charged regular rates on the delta between actual weight and inputted weight. These are all still Buy Shipping from Amazon and MCF orders and not FBA. Yes?

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These are for Seller-fulfilled Returns but not the original purchased shipping label. It is only for the Return Label Adjustment.

Our email had a subject line of: Charges or Credits for incorrect label information on Outbound or Return shipping

The link to the policy on Amazon is located here, Shipping correction charges for seller-fulfilled returns [link]


Yes, I am sure I know what one of them will be. A giant cardboard box, at least 15x12x20 for a 1lb 6oz item that is 8x8x3 inches. Is what the customer put the return in. This was a FBM return refund at first scan.

I have not had time to get to it, and passed it off to a team member, she is out until Tuesday. It will be interesting to know.

This is ignorant

Can I add a restocking fee to make up for these charges?

Yes, in some circumstances, you can charge a restocking fee when a buyer returns an item. These circumstances include when an item is returned outside of our return policy, or in used, damaged, or materially different condition. To learn more, go to Guidelines for charging restocking fees.

Emphasis mine. There is nothing in the circumstances that covers a buyer using a bigger box, unless it could be considered materially different condition?? That would be the product though, not the shipping box.

I didn’t receive a charge for incorrect weight or dimensions when I bought the shipping label through Buy Shipping. Why do I see a charge for the returned product shipment?

Shipping-correction charges may be applied if the package that the item is returned in is larger or smaller than reported on the shipment. Customers may package their returned product differently than how the products were received. It is important to provide clear assembly and disassembly instructions to help avoid carrier charges.

So somehow not providing clear assembly and disassembly instructions makes sellers at fault for customers packaging their returned product differently?? Like the only time there would be a difference is if the buyer didn’t disassemble it?

The ignorance of buyer behavioral consequences is stunning.

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If we are thinking of the same posts, didn’t it turn out that poster was full of crap and short on data?

As per this news announcement:

Starting January 14, sellers will be responsible for any carrier shipping correction charges on customer returns of seller-fulfilled orders caused by incorrect return label information.

Amazon has been pretty clear that this is our problem.

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I actually am getting a $0.01 refund for a buyer who sent back the wrong item.

I actually had put in safe-T-Claims for almost every return (because they claimed inaccurate website description or defective item when it wasn’t) The only one that was listed was the A-Z claim I won on a return because they put it as item not received (how did you return it if it was never received dumbass).

I should clarify this

The only one that was listed in the label adjustment was the A-Z claim. That was the only return in the past 3 months I have not had to file a Safe-T-Claim. I hope maybe if you have filed the Safe-T-Claim they will not adjust the shipping charge

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