Anyone get the "Handmade Store Integrity" check lately?

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any chatter about this, so either they’ve slowed down/stopped/targeted actual non-handmade shops… lol no, or we’ve all grown so used to it that we just suck it up and don’t talk about it anymore?

I know a couple of you got asked more than once, but have there been any of these intrusions lately?

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No, buy it’s not yet Holiday peak. :sweat_smile:

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Please knock wood. :wood:


Perhaps the bots have “learned” better indicators that a Seller is not actually Handmade??? :crossed_fingers: E.g., if multiple “Handmakers” have the exact same product image or that image is also located on, say, Temu or Alibaba, etc.


I vaguely recall a few people complaining about it on the forums maybe a month or so ago and I was able to find one of the stores and perhaps they are finally sending them to the right people :eyes:


IIRC, that cycle starts with Sarah Sews :shushing_face: Let’s hope they won’t get a third inquisition.


Unfortunately the same mass produced AliExpress, Wish and Temu stock photos are abound in my categories crowding out actual handmade items .

That would be harsh on them, considering I keep seeing the Amazon “commercial” featuring them.

BTW, I have had at least 3 Prove Myself instances and KNOCK ON WOOD it hasn’t been for awhile.

ALSO, I reported a listing a while back for being listed in handmade when it should not be. It was a plastic toy from a major brand, so no mistake. When I received the generic reply of Thanks, we’ll take it from here, it wasn’t a reply to my email it was a notice in MY PERFORMANCE NOTIFICATIONS, labeled Important message about your Amazon Handmade account just like the times that they said I wasn’t handmade. That made me feel like I had done something wrong, and it still makes me feel like they don’t really want us reporting this stuff.

Isn’t handmade on Amazon just a joke anyway?

I took a look at the #1 listing


It is actually a creative product though. And I don’t doubt it was made by hand… in a sweatshop.

And this review is a winner:

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:grimacing: Seriously? That is really inappropriate, knowing that SAS has an entire Handmade community for hard-working and talented handmakers selling on Amazon.

Did you perhaps mean that Amazon’s management of Amazon Handmade and its integrity is a joke? I hope so and would agree.

I’m looking at the top products in the Handmade category and many of them are cheap mass produced items. So that makes the Amazon category a joke because they seem to be willing to let anybody sell anything there. There’s quite a few listings from chinese companies that didn’t even bother to register a wyoming LLC.


You’re not wrong. Handmade has pretty much been neglected by Amazon and it’s only getting worse. I’m trying to gather my thoughts and data together in making a big post about it, but sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the effort.

There are several of us Handmade sellers on Amazon.

It’s an embarrassment really when you look at the best seller charts and yes it is all imported goods or mass produced items.

The thing is handmade is a dying trend and all that crap that isn’t handmade is probably what is keeping the platform alive (same for Etsy).

At the end of the day shareholders want the company to make money, and the company doesn’t make money when your kicking sellers off a platform for “not being handmade”, it’s why Etsy pivoted from “Handmade” to the word “Unique” and Amazon Handmade has followed suit. There is money to be made in allowing non handmade sellers to continue selling.

I do have high hopes for Michael’s Makerplace they are in the business of selling craft supplies so as long as people are selling handmade goods using their supplies they have an incentive to actually promote actual handmade sellers. They already make money selling craft supplies. I’m just hoping they don’t cave to pressure to allow things like digital downloads.

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Depends on the subcategory. There are some categories that look handmade.

We here are all handmade, so I would be offended if people accused us of not being handmade. Yes, there are bad players, but lets not paint everyone with a broad brush. If we can’t believe anyone there is handmade, we might as well not list there.

I do wish they would kick out the cheap Chinese goods, though.


You’re not wrong, but that’s kind of beside the point. Most of us (those in SAS) cannot list on the marketplace side, or have no way to compete there. And yet we are subjected to “reviews” that call for us to send in photos and videos proving our craft, or risk shutdown in days. That’s what this thread is about.

Most all of us on here have had this review at least once.

Because Amazon kept the monthly fee to nothing for handmade, they attracted even more junk than Etsy. That’s why the junk is here. But the consumer buys the junk, and lifts it to the top, because no one cares about categories on amazon.

Unfortunately this “joke” is the only place that makes online selling into a semi-viable business model for many of us. Without it I would have a side-gig, as I did with Etsy for many years prior, not a whole business.


After looking at the top handmade products, it’s almost unbelievable that such reviews exist. I guess certain sellers are exempt from them.

Has anyone had the ‘review’ where they rejected it and you had to redo or submit more - showing there actually IS a review?

In my case, I sent the thing back with the answers and photographs and it was approved so quickly I have a hard time believing it was anything other than a bot making sure I responded.

C’mon now - each jar is LOVINGLY filled. If that doesn’t scream ‘handmade,’ I don’t know what does! /s

Well, at least the workers gave a f**k (unlike Amazon)

FYI: Someone just posted on Reddit that they got it. So the idiots in charge may be ramping up to do it again in December.

Thinking of all the words that trigger bots but apparently this is not one. Maybe we should send a jar to the Handmade team in Seattle so they can start giving a ■■■■.

Yes- Sara Sews was flagged twice. Good times.
So far we’ve been left alone integrity team this year! Fingers crossed for an event free holiday season :crossed_fingers:
But we do take a photo of some phase of production for every new fabric we use, just in case.