Anyone has problems creating a help ticket on the new Seller Central interface?


Amazon rolled out a new Seller Central interface about a week ago. I tried to created a help ticket asking them to re-measure one of my products. Normally creating a help ticket has always been a very simple process. Today I’ve got an error (see the screenshot below).

Ok I waited 6 hours and tried again. Still the same error. I wonder if it’s working (or if I did something wrong). Please share your thoughts. Thanks.

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It’s a weekend.
Amazon has a tendency to put site braking updates live on Friday then go home.

This way chaos can rule on the weekend and they have to rush to fix it Monday


Hmm… so you didn’t think I did it wrong. I’m curious to see if anyone has successfully submitted a help ticket on this new interface.

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Problem solved by selecting the option in the green rectangle.


Did you tried to choose this option:

I haven’t done this since the change, but did one couple months earlier, just clicked the button for remeasure, don’t remember have to describe anything. Couple days (?) later got an email informing me the new correct measurements.

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Thank you. Funny that we both posted this solution at the same time :slight_smile:

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