Anyone have their best sellers rank disappear before?

Just saw that my ASIN is missing a sales rank today. I’ve been the best seller for a year now.

I still see the node on the product detail page but no more “Best Sellers Rank” or “Best Seller Badge”.


I have seen that reported many times before; I’m not 100% sure, but I suspect that this phenomenon is typically rooted in Amazon tinkering around in the background…


With the queued transaction structure of the site, any increase in processing latency (usually caused by maintenance or tinkering) can cause the loss of any information on the site, or the use of out of date information depending on the extent of the increase.

It is most often seen in incomplete search results, since any request for information on the system “times out” after a fixed interval, this error is either ignored or logged and ignored.


Also seen it many times … and it always corrects itself eventually. Sometimes it does so within hours and sometimes within days. No rhyme, no reason.


So do you suggest that I just let it simmer? Seems like seller support is just saying nothigs wrong with it.


There’s nothing anyone can do. It’s all backend stuff


It will be back soon. Happens more than it should. No need to worry.

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Ok, just a bit worried bc this happened to me several years ago and it took months for me to get it back :joy:


My brain is going, so I forget what the term is for the hidden categorization node we can’t see or control. Amazon may have made an AI adjustment to that which will cause this. After normally 72 hours max, it should return (BSR) Check your main / sub cat on the listing to make sure it still makes sense.

It just happened to us a couple months ago and because we waste lots of money on SAS, the SAS manager knew what happened and had it fixed.


So in your case, your sales rank went missing and then after 72 hrs you ended up in a different category?


@oldtimeseller Found it…

Let’s say we are selling a sleep product. Super Category is Health and Household. Sub is Herbal and Nutritional Sleep Aids. What we can’t see is the Nutritional / Herbal classification.

When this got switched somehow, we lost our CFB because it’s not avail for herbal products for some stupid reason.

When this happened we lost our badge and the BSR. BSR came back in a day. Badge took weeks to dig into.

You prob don’t sell supplements but I am sure this type of hierarchy exists for every category.

Of course I am just speculating based on experience what happened to your listing but it certainly could be this. Again, not to worry for now. Start worrying on Tues if it still isn’t there and open a case or maybe even call and try and get transferred to the catalog team to take a peek.


Got it. Yea, the browse node looks normal.

How did you fix it in your case? Your accounter manager helped?


Yes, she found it and opened a task internally to fix it for us.

Maybe @oneida_books knows more about how to find these hidden categories / classifications.

I wouldn’t know where to look for those on the various reports / templates avail to us. Too busy putting fires out always to really dig into the details.


Gotcha. Now that I remember, I did get this notification 2 weeks ago though. Assuming a this new competitor was trying to kick me out of the correct category so they could get the best seller badge.

Amazon said I needed to change the category but at the same time said this is also just a notification. Didn’t change because we are in the correct category.

**Hello **

We have received a report that your listings below are in the incorrect category. You are receiving this notification to keep you informed. This notification does not affect your account health.

Why did this happen?
We received a report that your listing is assigned to an incorrect category and sub-category. Sellers on Amazon must comply with the product detail page rules and follow categorization and classification requirements for listings.