Anyone using SupplierGateway Certifications?

Just saw an email about minority businesses and certifications. Apparently there is one for small business sub-200 employees

Anyone using these - I clicked the link but then there is a whole registration process including giving them your EIN

Want to make sure its worth it and safe.

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I have been getting these email for a time now, but at the second I click the link and it prompt me to introduce my seller central login and password, closed it. I don´t trust anyone anymore with Amazon :grin:

Following your post to figure out if anyone has, indeed, used them.


What I can see of the fine print @ the bottom of your screenshot would likely give me pause (“…no guarantee…” , “…(expiring 9/30/23)…”, but I do know a few folks who have credibly reported that having one or another Certification has indeed helped their business through increased visibility.


Was there a way to turn it off if you changed your mind?

From this post - it wasn’t wanted by all.


Oh I think I found the answer:

Remove a certification

On the Certifications page, you can remove the certifications that you have previously claimed. This is a permanent action. If you want to use the certification in the future, you must add it back by selecting it from the list. For more information, go to Add a certification.

To remove a certification, complete the following steps:

  1. From Seller Central, select Settings, then Your Info & Policies.
  2. Select Certifications.
  3. Click the certification you want to remove, and click Remove.
  4. Click OK to confirm. The certification will no longer be seen by customers.

There was indeed a good deal of furor over the Small Business Badge @ that time (Q2/Q3 of 2022), because the Amazon methodology to request removal seemed to rarely work in the promised time-frame, but the sellers I previously mentioned upthread are all speaking of having obtained a Diversity Certification.

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I have to admit I’m afraid to go to:

I don’t need to “F” with my account.


Understandable, entirely - you have enough to deal with when the brainless CBD- , Minoxidil- , hydroquinone- , & other Compliance-policing Amabots continue to run roughshod over cosmetics - not to mention their equally-roguish brethren over on the Listing Quality side.


It’s legit but think hard about it.

There are a lot of sick people in this world that might not buy from you with that certification. Sad but true.

At the same time, you might feel that you don’t want their business anyway (don’t blame you), but it could negatively impact sales believe it or not in 2023.

If you do this, you can opt out of it. It’s a click of the mouse in your business profile and then a seller support ticket to turn it off on your listings.

We did this with the small business badge. Yes we are a small business but no, we don’t want the consumer to know that because small in healthcare normally doesn’t = quality.

Further, because of our direct manufacturer connection, we really aren’t a small business. Technically we are not part of the larger manufacturing arm but it would seem unethical in a sense to say we are while the owner of a large business owns part of this business.


I would say something but against forum rules.


Thanks for the input as always!


I have to renew my certifications. Last time, it was free. Now, they are charging money.


I renewed and got my certificates, but I never got my receipt for bookkeeping. I went back to the site and signed in and they are trying to take me through registering for new certificates. I just want to get to the main page that has all my credentials (and hopefully payment history). Anyone know the link for that? I sent them an email but no response so far.