Appeal Rejected Will A Retraction Remove Violation

Before posting, did you search for your topic or question? Click the magnifying glass icon :mag: at the top Hello Amazon Fellow Sellers,

Brand/Manufacturer mistakenly submitted a violation against of our listings, accusing it of being a counterfeit. After we contacted them, they said it was a mistake, because I have cleared the issue with them in the past.

Now Amazon rejected my first invoice for no reason, even though it was from a recognized distributor. Also, our invoices are partitioned into 10 Pcs per invoice due to credit card restrictions, we can’t start piling all those invoices.

And the manufacturer recently submitted a retraction for this counterfeit claim that will take 24 hours, please will the retraction overwrite the invoice palavas?

Please any Mods or sellers with an idea should help.

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Are the listings branded under their brand, your brand or something else? I ask because you stated “our listings”, and this makes a difference to Amazon.

You can put all the invoices into one PDF to show Amazon the legitimacy of all of your sales/offerings of this item.

Do you have a copy of this in writing you can add to your submission to Amazon?


Is it POSSIBLE that the brand has sent Amazon a “whitelist” of approved sellers and did not have you on it?

More and more brands are providing such a “whitelist” of their approved sellers and if YOU are NOT on the list you will be stopped in your tracks and probably hit with an IP violation.

I had one of my brands stop me because they CHANGED the company they hired to screen sellers. The NEW screener did not recognize my Amazon store name because I do all my purchases under a different LLC. It took a couple weeks to get straightened out and no problems since then.


What I am saying is that, a retraction has already been submitted, so they Account Health Support told me no need to appeal further and I should wait for the outcome of the retraction

I want to know if anybody here had appealed first and then got a retraction that removed the violation later.
My account is not suspended though, just the listing

I don’t think Amazon will accept retraction letter submitted from me, only from the brand owner through brand registry

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Unfortunately, that is the process in place.

Equally unfortunately, that process can be interminably slow to reach fruition - especially-so during Q4…

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This is the image attached by the big manufacturer from their

sales channel team, saying that they have retracted the violation


My question here is @Dogtamer , if the retraction is approved, hope the failed appeal won’t affect it ?
Like Amazon saying that I should appeal and retract successfully too ?

And, again, even if they retract every day for a month, it might not help if they have submitted a whitelist.

Every time you get ‘cleared’ by the retraction you can get violated again due to the list that might not have your name on it…

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No, I am among the whitelist, and I am permitted. It was submitted by mistake in the first place.

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If the brand owner submitted a retraction it should remove the violation irrespective of your failed appeal.

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Thanks buddy
I will update you guys, here is more helpful than the real forum


Good News Guys
My listing has been reinstated, just less than 24 hours.
Thanks everyone



May you and yours continue to persevere - and May The Sales Be With You.


You too also buddy


:partying_face: Wonderful news! I’m sure that’s an incredible relief.

I just saw your NSFE post about no longer being able to request a call-back, here:

May I ask if that is still the case?

:thinking: Also @Gracefromabove, are your metrics back to normal or does it still show a (resolved) violation?



Counterfeit is a big deal to Amazon. That suspended listing may have lead to a whole account suspension in short order.

They give sellers time to clear stuff now instead of shutting you down when the issue first pops up.

It’s a mute point of course now. Just know that they can shut you down for this.

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