Are Ebay Sponsored Ads worth the (percentage cost) ?????

Ebay sponsored ads appear to be costly. Is it really worth it or is it not likely my items will be found if I don’t use them.

Anybody had any success without using them?

I have all my listings set up with MINIMAL (the lowest rate they allow) for their “Promoted Listings” if that is what you are referring to.

I just did a quick check and 75 out of my last 200 sales there were sold with either the promo ads OR my discount for buying multiple items. For that I give a small discount and just mint extra money since ‘free shipping’ has about $5 built into every item!

Would I get the sales without either one? Maybe, maybe not.

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Yes, I meant to say “Promoted Listings”. Thank you.

Yes, for us it works very well. We even went to dynamic bids (yeah I know, but so far it’s working great). Of course we have enough margin to cover the fees, BUT you only pay IF you sell so we figure a sale is better than no sale even if the bid is 15% which is the limit we set. You can set your top bid you’re willing to pay at something much lower if you want. We started out that way, and got some traffic so we decided to try dynamic bids and so far we are making money on those sales. They don’t always charge the top bid like you might think. It’s been pretty reasonable for us.


It makes no sense for me to use them.

With close to 5K listings with very few sellers offering duplicates of what I offer, I accept the fact that impressions will greatly exceed views. I get about the same percentage of views as I did before Ebay got record revenues from promoted listings.

I concentrate on improving my conversion rate, which has nothing to do with PL. just listing quality and price.

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