As of Sept1st - USPS will not deliver FIRST CLASS MAIL on Saturdays

OK - for most here that is not an issue. For me and a few others, it is.

But whether it affects you or not for business, we all are affected personally.

I cannot see that on the USPS website or in my search results.

How did you find out?

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Source link please! Makes zero sense since everything is ground advantage now :woman_shrugging:


The only articles I can find on it are from 2013 when they announced it and got “negative feedback:”.

The plan never went beyond the announcement


That was my first thought when I read the title of this thread.


well, ya’ll may be right. I saw from a CBS news article

and LA Times

BUT YOU ARE ALL right - Nothing direct from the USPS (though the Feb articles quote the USPS)

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Ground Advantage is no longer “First Class Mail” as of July 2023

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Those articles are from February of 2013 at the height of the USPS is deep in debt scare created by the 2006 law that required USPS to pre-fund retirement for 75 years within 10 years (so by 2016).

Since then, USPS has added package delivery to some areas on Sundays (and some additional areas get this during the holidays).

There are no current talks by congress or USPS to eliminate Saturday first class mail delivery.


It’s like the Amazon Seller Agreement. Everything is always buried in the fine print —


Gonna tiptoe with care here, and focus on practical matters like this one, but this cannot be stated without using terms that seem “political”.

Given the service cutbacks and raised prices, I do not understand why DeJoy is still employed. Appointees of the current administration are now the majority on the board that can hire and fire the Postmaster General at their will.

But if congress simply stopped forcing the the Post Office to “prefund” their pension and benefit liabilities, the Post Office would be in fine financial shape, and this is the fault of BOTH sides of BOTH the house and the senate.

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