As we grow

As we grow here at SAS, My eyes, and the eyes of the other mods here may miss things. New members spamming, off topic discussions that might need to be moved, discussions that don’t fit in SAS, Etc.

If you see something, FLAG Something! Why do I say this over PM’ing? Well, sometimes PM’s go to someone who is out of pocket for a time, where as flags go to ALL of us.

Unlike Amazon We take action on flags (Ignore the stupid scripted auto reply, that’s built into Discourse. Amazon was too lazy to change it and so am I!).

Thread need to be moved to a new category? Flag it as other and let us know!

Spammer, Oh yeah I know your gonna flag it!

We do not score users based on flagging, Amazon had some system that rated users and gave their flags weight or allowed them to be ignored, Ize don’t do that!

Now, I am not at all saying don’t PM me, My inbox is wide open! But if something needs urgent or even general attention, Use the Force, Er, I mean FLAG!


I mean, I am a giant red flag…soooo there is that :smirk:

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Thank you @Pepper_Thine_Angus!

To our SellersAskSellers community, flagging is the most efficient route for us to support you promptly.

Flagging is not tattle-telling; it is helping your zero-perfect SAS volunteer staff address any possible concern in a timely manner. Please don’t assume that we have seen the thing that concerns you! We try but certainly fail, and depend on you to keep us on our toes.

:pray: Thank you for building and protecting this ecommerce forum just for (still anonymous!) Sellers–both our public categories and topics and our private :lock: SAS Confidential (members only) , Booksellers, and Handmade spaces.


You are a walking TV-MA Mature Audiences Only :eyes:

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Me too. :wink:


It’s amazing that this little group of 253 people can’t control themselves sometimes.

Guilty as charged though. - Oops! :man_facepalming:

I’m trying really hard now to not lose my cool and write things that I don’t really mean or are political in nature while respecting everyone and the simple and easy to follow rules here.

253! Not bad. That would be 2,253 or more if more sellers knew we existed.

Thanks again to the Mods here and apologies to anyone I may have pissed off along the way.

Steve :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Remember Everyone - No one is getting paid to run this show and there are costs and real work associated with it. So just be nice.


The Clock/Paper Anniversary (aka, the First) of the SellersAskSellers (aka SAS) Forum is looming closer and closer, but it has not yet passed.

Let us all remember to revisit the membership rolls when the Cotton Anniversary has come to fruition, because All Good Things Take Time, and there’s no better advertising than Word Of Mouth (even when that’s digitally-exchanged).


I would rather have 253 generous and patient (and funny) authentic members that 2530 bot accounts, fake accounts, spam accounts, grifting accounts, try-to-make-your-money-their-money accounts, vanity accounts, “consultant” (criminal) accounts, Amazon “influencer” accounts, troll accounts…

When they find us, Sellers get real help, compassionate support, and authentic community. We aren’t using SellersAskSellers to generate leads, push a PR narrative, or promote paid-for services.