ASIN Investigation

I just received this email from Amazon. This is like when my wife wakes me up at 1:30am because she’s talking in her sleep.

I haven’t had any recent customer messages about damaged product for this ASIN, but I have on others and have sent out return-less replacements and generally those customers end up being “delighted”.

In a parallel universe, Amazon sent me this same message and included an order number to reference, investigate, and make right. My current stream of consciousness does not occupy that universe, so I’ll just wait for the other cosmic shoe to drop.

------BEGIN E-MAIL----------------

Dear Seller,

I am Vivek from the Merchant Fulfilled Listing Investigations team. I am writing to you with regard to the feedback our team has received for the ASIN : XXXXXXXXXX.

A buyer stated that the product “XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX” received was damaged.

However based on your performance metrics I see that that you are providing the best possible services from your end to improve customer experience.

We appreciate your efforts and this email is merely a reminder to keep you updated regarding the feedback for this particular ASIN, so that you may take the required action to avoid any potential concerns.

I hope you continue to have a great selling experience on Amazon and wish you all the best.

Have a great day!

To help us continually improve, we ask that you take a moment to complete our survey below to tell us about your experience with this specific interaction.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?

Yes No

Thank you for selling with Amazon,

Vivek P.
Fulfillment by Amazon Support


Honestly? I’ll take a “reminder” if it keeps me ahead of a problem…

…but not being given enough information to figure out the actual problem myself renders me useless.

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I think this is the other shoe.

Then again, it may not drop.

We used to have a great health insurance company. They would always send us letters to tell us why they were going to pay the claim. It was puzzling when we started with them, but the letters kept coming and we got used to them.

Yet I don’t see Amazon as that nice company.

How many mornings a year do we all run around trying to deal with the next alligator that Amazon drops in our office, shop, warehouse?