AtoZ culpability when buyer demands a mailed return label

When buyers insist they can’t print a return and request I mail them one, I usually roll my eyes and buy a return label from Shipstation and mail it to the buyer.

However, I have 2 demands requests today for mailed return labels. One of them is just annoying me, but the second is outright rude and I’m not in the mood to go beyond for these people.

Both buyers have already opened return requests and received Amazon-issued return labels.

If I refuse to mail a label and tell them to find a way to use the return labels they already have, will Amazon hang me out to dry in the case of an AtoZ claim? My instinct is that it could go either way depending on what mood the bot is in.

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We have had some request we mail pre-paid return labels after Amazon issues a non-prepaid label. Although it’s a little different, we tell them to use the label they received. If they A-Z, we provide the communication that they have a label (our items are bulky, hence non-prepaid).


Great question, they SHOULDN’T. There is nothing in Amazon policy that says you need to mail out return labels.

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