Attract Federal Customers by Confirming your 889 Status

Anyone else get this email?


Not yet, and given my super low tech product line, I’d be quite surprised if I did.

But yeah, it’s a thing for some people making sure that nobody working for the company uses a Huawei…

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Are there any smartphones, switches or routers made in the USA?

And if there are, are they using open source software?

I have no clue what telecommunications equipment which cannot compromise national security or if there is any.

And I worked for some telecommunications giants in the past.

There is no way that I could sign that form.

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We have for our military clients outside of Amazon. Amazon has not sent us that particular email.
My first request was in 2021.

I complete the form on demand as requested. Almost all of our government or military orders require me to send the completed form.


Cisco is allowed.

The list of not allowed is actually not as big as you think.


I believe that Allen-Bradley now owned by Rockwell Automation still manufactures switches and routers in their Milwaukee facility.

Their stuff isn’t cheap, Allen-Bradley’s Stratix 5410 Industrial Distribution Switches costs about $20K.

American tech company, Librem produces its privacy-focused Linux smartphone, Librem 5, in the USA.

Currently unavailable ’ due to parts procurement lead-times’ :man_shrugging:

Domestically sourced and produced tech is available, but the average person/company is likely unable to get or afford it.


@Sundance I was actually thinking to post the same question here! We also received an email.

I checked our phones super quickly last week…and it appears Poly/Plantronics devices were OK. (Though I’d want to triple check before actually submitting!) We have mulitple offices, so I think we’d have to certify that all of our locations are in compliance, not just the ones that do Amz fulfillment.

@SawleMill - our product line is super low tech. My thinking is that we’re a B2B product, and/or the fact that some government customer has ordered from us in the past (at least that’s what it shows in B2B Central has gotten us flagged as a potential government supplier.


Does anyone know what an “AB Seller ID” is?

You will wish to independently verify this but I think that is your Amazon merchant token.

Settings >> Account Info >> Merchant Token