Auto Enrolled in SIPP? Sorta

Noticed one of my listings says it will be shipped in original box as according to amazon

This item has been tested to certify it can ship safely in its original box or bag to avoid unnecessary packaging. Since 2015, we have reduced the weight of outbound packaging per shipment by 41% on average, that’s over 2 million tons of packaging material.

If you still require Amazon packaging for this item, choose “Ship in Amazon packaging” at checkout.

Does that mean, I automatically get the .04 per unit rebate? How do I check this?

Also how do I opt out in case I start getting reviews of damaged on arrival? I can foresee a nightmare here.

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The notice is under the buybox on the PDP

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I would love for my boxes to ship in original box, since I pack them in shipping boxes. How do I opt in?


That doesn’t make sense to tell you to choose “Ship in Amazon packaging” at checkout … the customer has to do that … smh

To be determined … ???

And even if you opt out … will Amazon execute your wishes ???
Recently, we had an order where we opted in to have the item come in an Amazon box and picked the day we wanted both items to be delivered (which gave Amazon an extra day). The item came only in it’s box, one item was delivered a day early and the other item was delivered 3 days after the requested delivery day.
Our next order of two items also came a day early with one delivered at 8am and the other at 7pm on the same day … so much for saving …


Good question cuz I tried searching for SIPP in SC and got jack :poop: and a tad under the weather to expend my brain energy on some bull :poop: so over-ultizing the forums today as I try to plan my life around FBA



My boxes are matte white - Imagine the wear on those as they arrive at customers door steps and the image that will present.

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I found this

In 2024, the Ships in Product Packaging program will be available to opt-into for all sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon. This program allows Amazon to work with sellers to help redesign their packaging to enable their products to ship in their own branded product packaging without any Amazon-added delivery packaging. Once the Ships in Product Packaging program is launched for all sellers who use FBA, the dashboard in the Sustainability Solutions Hub will include Ships in Product Packaging information, sharing data such as estimated package weight avoided for certified products and the packaging weight avoidance opportunity for products not yet certified.

Here’s the hub: Server Busy


People are used to this by now. Amazon IS NOT the only and was not the first ecommerce giant to do this.

The real problem comes when the item is sitting on the doorstep and the recipient sees it before Christmas…

That happened several years ago with Amazon with my kids present. Really pissed me off, especially since Santa was still a thing around here. Yes, he does exist.

One of the reasons why I got the MY Q for my garage door to get in garage delivery from Amazon when needed.

Yea, the MY Q device is already busted. Going to run it over the next time I pull my old Mustang out of the garage.

I’ve tried everything to get it to reconnect to WIFI, INCLUDING BRINGING THE EFFING THING INTO MY HOUSE NEXT TO THE ROUTER, and it won’t find it!

POS! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Return period has long past. My Q can eat a D$#^


You could always do what all other Amazon buyers do, order a new one and return the busted one lol

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Even though Amazon is the seller, and I sure would like to stick it to them, that’s unethical.

If I had the time and the patience, I am sure I could get a new one from My Q. Maybe after the Holidays I will try that.

There has to be some kind of warranty. Of course I never filled out the warranty card which has long since been tossed…

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Who the fuq fills out warranty cards…ain’t you and me got time for that shiit


I can’t remember the last time I bought something that broke within it’s normal expected lifespan.

This is weird. It was $22 bucks so who cares. The point is I want the functionality for 3 reasons:

#1 - The keypad for this door sucks when it’s cold out. It’s winter…
#2 - Amazon in-garage delivery when needed
#3 - I’ve left it open in the past. The App tells you after a period of time “Hey Dumbass” - You left your garage door open again.


You may be able to now!

This crossed my emails today – " More Orders from Amazon will Soon be Arriving in their Own Packaging — Here’s Why"
In the text – " As one might imagine, making this shift has required a fair amount of effort on the part of both Amazon and its sellers, although all the sellers interviewed felt the juice was well worth the squeeze. In order to qualify, sellers’ product packaging must go through testing to ensure it can withstand the ecommerce journey. Amazon developed testing standards in conjunction with International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). Those standards vary depending on the product type, but account for everything from a product being dropped, shaken or vibrated; the strength of the packaging seal; impacts during vehicle turns; and compression from being stacked."


Yes, as yesterday’s (020524) News Headline Lower FBA fulfillment fees with Ships in Product Packaging (link, Seller Central) implies.

However, not everyone may want to, as is vividly on display already from some of the posts in the Headline-accompanying discussion of the same title, Lower FBA fulfillment fees with Ships in Product Packaging (link, NSFE).

One of our SoA Accounts slings products which are candidates, but I’ve been crunching the numbers ever since the earlier News Headline on the rebranding to SIPP first appeared some time back - and perhaps unsurprisingly, the cons outweigh the pros (@ least for us).


I have to imagine that is the case for most all products. Savings of mere pennies (.09-.10) on almost all items vs damages, returns and removal fees. Based on this the fact that Amazon would “self enroll” a single item it ignorant.

ETA - I posted on the NSFE thread


I would never want anything I sell to be in SIPP. Even if the product packaging was suitable to be shipped directly in, for a nickel rebate I’d rather they put another box around it to reduce the chances of damages.

If it’s a $30 item, a nickel rebate means an increased problem rate of 1 out of 600 makes you a net loser on being in the program.


Agreed, in all respects; that’s exactly what I meant by the cons of this program.

For the account I use to post, we have a Variation Relationship Set, based upon a Color-Size Theme, which includes 7 child ASINs; the packaging is one of our proprietary poly bags.

One of the children was auto-enrolled as “Certified” on 28May2022; a second suffered the same fate on 12Jun2023 - both @ a saving of 7¢ per unit.

None of the other 5 children have yet to be so-“Certified” as SIOP/SIOC/SIPP; I’ve formerly been inclined to think that such as a result might have had some roots in the fact that I presented a well-laid case demonstrating how the Returns Rate % for those 2 auto-enrolled ASINs had spiked above the historical norm of many, many years once they were enrolled - despite splurging on the additional cost of a more-robust mil thickness for said packaging right from the get-go, we had no inkling that Amazon would decide that a poly-bagged product could withstand shipping & handling processes on the carrier’s end.

We were wrong - mayhaps because of what is implied in the SHC’s How to test packaging and record results for Ships in Product Packaging (SIPP) certification (link, Seller Central Help Content), but perhaps more-likely attributable to Amazon’s MBA Revolution-educated never-ending attempts to wring blood from a turnip.

Good job - I submitted this as Feedback for the “Rate this page” mechanism on the Ships in Product Packaging (link, Seller Central) Dashboard early this morning:

'Tis not often that I sue the ‘lowest frown’ when I engage this or that “Rate this page” mechanism - but I didn’t hesitate in the slightest to do so here.


I think it will work for me, because I ship the product in package as FBM.

Ha! `Twould appear that my Freudian Slip is showing.

“Use”, not “sue.” :woozy_face:

I just checked the guidelines. My stuff is too small for rigid SIPP.