Automatic Enrollment in Remote Fulfillment

I really hate it they automatically anything us. So sneaky. The fees are more than some of my prices.


They have a tendency to start things as optional - opt in, then migrate people into it without telling them or without giving them option of opting out. It is one of the reasons I get so worried when Amazon starts new initiatives like proactive handling time changes at the SKU level.


If we are forced into that program, can we change the prices for people buying in CA and MX to cover the cost of fees? I want USA prices to remain the same but raise prices elsewhere. This is just what if. I don’t want to sell anywhere but USA.

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I don’t sell internationally either.
I believe you can have different prices in different marketplaces.

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I keep getting emails and notices that remote fulfillment will be starting soon…but we’ve opted out – or at least I think we have. Makes me 2nd guess everything with each new email.

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As I’m digging deeper, I found,

Your US prices are synchronized to the eligible marketplaces, and are adjusted for estimated differences in fulfillment fees, referral fees, surcharges, exchange rates, and costs that you may incur when converting proceeds back to US dollars.

So they will raise my prices to cover the differences in fees? I wouldn’t mind that. Is anyone else in this program right now? Can you tell us your experience?

Where is this setting in Seller Central?


I don’t know how to navigate to it directly. Have only been able to use a link from an email.

Click on the panel on our dashboard.

Amazon did this with FBA Export and I ignored it. Big mistake…

Amazon made our products, (some are illegal in many countries), eligible everywhere.

Customs across the globe caught a lot of those shipments and rejected them. We are talking about thousands of orders in a 2 month period.

I let it go because it took a long time to start seeing those returns / rejections. Did that because we were slow bc Amazon had yanked our AC badges for no apparent reason and it was making up for the difference.

Also did it because all of Amazon’s “Like” 1P listings were all buyable in these same countries AND STILL ARE to this day.

Recently spent a day going over the govt restrictions of the 104 countries Amazon services through the program and paring it down to only those that are OK and firing it back up. Limited sales so far.

If it’s easy to get / legal - these people aren’t going to export it and pay $15 to ship a $15 item which is what was happening.

I’m still fielding FB messenger messages for those that were able to beat the system who want more…

This happened in Nov of 22. Turned it off in Feb of 2023. Just turned it back on (pared down), in late Aug because every single penny counts my friends.

Also goes to show that risks are not always worth the rewards. What’s ok for Amazon is not always good for us…

Moral of the story is don’t ignore things you aren’t 100% certain on bc it can and will bite you.

BTW - If anyone is looking for a complete country list for FBA Export, here you go:


Hey Amazon - I found a typo - it should say “Learn More AND THEN Opt Out


You can opt out of either marketplace if you choose. I opt out of MX but do CA.

The way the program works is they convert your .COM pricing to the local currency. You will receive more or less the same on sales as you would had they sold on .COM There is some loss when they convert your payout to USD but it’s usually a very small percent. You can create a rule to add X% onto your other market pricing to compensate for it if you wish.


Well I opted out of both, and then I thought about it. With what you say, I would like to sell on CA. However, when I went to opt in to CA, they said I wasn’t eligible. Go figure.

We just turned this off after being “automagically” enrolled. I may want to do Canada at some point but enrolling us was NOT cool. They had already created 19 listings in MX and CA , but fortunately they were inactive so hopefully no issues. I am always glad I read this forum. Thanks to the “Seasoned and Savvy” members who created this space! Credit goes to @Dogtamer for the seasoned and savvy reference :laughing:



It might be the products that you sell. I have a few sku’s that are ineligible even though they are no different than all the other products. Most likely they can’t figure out the correct HTSUS numbers for customs clearance so it’s easier for them to just exclude them.

So the important question here is, when customs seized the product, did you still get paid for it?

I’m guessing amazon made you foot the bill for their error.


We are in this program and we can control prices in CA and MX. If you don’t want to sell outside the US you just have to delete all listings in CA and MX.
Not all product categories are eligible for NARF. The program will not connect those SKU in categories that do not meet customs requirements.

Something similar happens in Europe.
From time to time and without knowing why “Build International Listings” is automatically activated. We notice it because we start to see changes in prices that we have not made. Then we have to manually go to “Build International Listings” and deactivate all connections between European countries.

Money came out - goods never returned to FBA - Reimbursed. LOL

As the returns mounted, Amazon systematically began to exclude ASIN’s 1 by 1 until we were down to 1 eligible and we shut it down because all the traffic was messing up our conversion which drives things like Amazon’s Choice.

This all started in Oct / Nov of 2022 (can’t remember off the top of my head), we shut it down in Feb of 2023. When I fired it back up (with exclusions), every listing was once again eligible.

This whole thing adds up to STUPID but who’s really surprised???


I’m sort of thinking this automatic enrollment is what’s causing my credit card to be rejected? I’m suddenly seeing that they want a bank account associated with the Mexico store? I clicked, but then the only location for the bank would be in Mexico. (Yes, I’m doing the clicking from the Seller Central site.) Do I have to set this up?

@Amazon_Seller since you resolved the credit card issue, are you still seeing the deposit method alert?