[Axios] Target, Lowe's, Best Buy start early Black Friday sales, Walmart deals coming

Target, Lowe’s, Best Buy start early Black Friday sales, Walmart deals coming


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Retailers are both idiots and tone deaf.

Who’s excited about 20% off some crap you don’t actually need?

In the other article, it said…

Meanwhile, Target has benefited from consumers’ deviation from discretionary shopping to spending more on essentials like personal care and household products. This strategy has also paid dividends for Costco, where membership has risen thanks in large part to cheap gas and strong grocery sales

…and combined with this from the Axios article…

“with [Target] deals on new and trending items such as electronics, toys, kitchen appliances, everyday essentials and beauty.”

…I thought to myself that Target seems often to do its best business on holiday adjacent items, not necessarily gifts: holiday home decor, gift wrapping supplies, small appliances for feast-making, cleaning supplies, party goods, guest bed and bath needs, groceries, etc.


For Target 3Ps, holiday decor and party supplies are HUGE. :christmas_tree:


I guess Target’s PR and Marketing departments are trying to put a positive spin. Their CEO isn’t necessarily inclined to agree with them:

Sometimes the C-suites are the last ones who should open their mouths :eyes::unamused:

Still think Target, Costco, Walmart are poised to do the best of the retailers this year: they all offer actual deals, on a wide variety of gift and needed items, with strong b&m and online presence.

I’m sure they’ll do fine, since they’ve all mostly passed on price increases to the consumer. I’ve found that there can actually be specific deals for toys for the kiddos at both Walmart + Target over the past few years… but it does require a fair amount of price checking on a weekly basis.

As far as grocery items, I tend to be one of those guys who buys things when they’re on sale, so I hate doing that shopping at Walmart. They have decent prices on walmart-branded items, but besides that it tends to be a crapshoot. I’ve shopped groceries maybe 5 times ever at Target, and each time I’m left wondering who even does that since they seem to be significantly more expensive than anywhere else.

That being said, I agree with your assessment about Target and holiday accessorial items. They’re also one of the few places with an actual decent (and not overly expensive) assortment of gift sets (which we typically use for extended family.)

There are some items that I can only find locally at Target (and obvs not just Archer Farms), but I tend to do 95% of grocery shopping at Kroger–unlike most of my family, who are diehard Walmart fans.

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