Be careful our there in the NE tonight.....

I haven’t seen winds like this around here in years. It’s like a hurricane out there by me right now.

We better not lose power because 95% of our extension cords we use for the generator are all over my front lawn for the Christmas decorations I have yet to take down…



We had 60+ winds here yesterday but were dry slotted (no snow just blowing dust and tumbleweeds).

Anyone, who has a fence, also has a nice collection of tumbleweeds now.


I got most of my stuff in but not the gutter lights. I am south of you and the rains are ykes.

Winds we are told are later. I know people in VA and they had tornado warnings earlier.

Generator is green and propane tank is 56% full so we are good for a while.


Plenty of wind here, nothing I would call a hurricane.
Lots of rain.
I think I’m gonna “work from home” tomorrow…


Fair amount of wind here; trash cans blowing around. I’m hoping that the van is parked right in the driveway to keep them from blowing away.

We’re a bit lucky that we’re on the west side of a ridge, so for storms working up the coast, that cuts down the wind a little bit. Still enough to rattle the windows a bit.

And Nisha got notified a few minutes ago that Kean University (where she teaches) is closed for tomorrow. Probably due to flooding already happening, or expected soon.


“Be careful out there in the NE tonight…”

Yes and sometimes it has nothing to do with the power, or winds.

We just got word at our farm on the corner of a state highway and local road of a MVA.

A 17 year old who just graduated last night flipped his truck over, and is under it on the hill in front of the south side of the barn. On the original grand barn they buried when the highway came through.

It has been a few hours, and they know he is gone, but need to take care in extracting the vehicle and the young man.

Oddly or not, on Christmas Eve, the son Draper Parmenter, who grew up in the connected farm house, went down in the Pacific in December 1941 in a PBY Catalina flying boat. After just joining the service following the invasion of Pearl Harbor.

Even more oddly, I went down with my 17 year old son and lost him, 20 years ago in our Lake flying boat.

I pray for the young man’s family and friends tonight. :cry:


The blizzard came through here yesterday. First there was rain for several hours then snow after that. We received “only” 4-5 inches of snow but it doesn’t look that deep. Most schools and offices were closed today. I went out to the grocery this afternoon. The main roads were pretty good but the side streets were not. Tomorrow we will have one day above freezing and then near zero or below for the next 5-6 days. A smaller snow storm is expected a couple of days from now.

I put my Amazon and eBay accounts in anticipation of the storm but have now reactivated them.

Stay safe in the NE!


Interesting development, the rain is now coming in through my wall.
At least I know what I’m going to be doing tomorrow.

This is what we’re dealing with right now. We’re a little farther out, only sustaining 40mph+ with gusts. In the GSMNP, plenty of roads closed due to downed trees, unknown damage, etc. Most area school systems were out/out early today, will be out/delayed tomorrow.


I just saw the TV news report on WMUR. How very sad. Grace and peace to you and your neighbors.


Yea… That squall at around 11:30 was some of the most intense rain / wind I’ve ever seen in my life. Only lasted about 6 mins. Relatively calm at the moment. The worst is over here.

Good luck cleaning up. YIKES… If it came through the wall that means it’s in the wall. Mold is a major concern.


Made it through the night, the typical flooded roads all flooded. Power flickered a lot but held. LOTS of generators running in the distance. I know the neighbors that share my driveway have no power, but they are 1/2 mile back into the woods and are on a different circuit then I am.


Got some pretty heavy downpours here, beating against the windows pretty hard. No real damage, but my recycle bin (which was at the curb for pickup, and FULL) is gone. A few bottles and cans scattered across the yard, but the bin and most contents are nowhere to be found. While looking for it, I ran across several other piles of trash, so I don’t think we were the only one.

And thankfully, basement is still dry.

Hope everyone else came out okay.