Be Careful What You Wish For - Amazon's Choice / 2-Pack variation

Amazon never ceases to find new ways to kick us in the nuts so I wanted to share with those of you that sell commodity products in singles / multipacks.

The 2-pack of our top seller now has the Overall Pick badge for its main keyword. It is also the #1 organic rank, replacing the single which is much cheaper.

Translation - sales are way down overall because of the higher total cost and complete invisibility of the single in search / badging.

I suspect this happened because we loaded up with 4 months of inventory overall and it is a better value per pill so the algorithm latched onto it.

We will not be holding more than 6-8 weeks of inventory at FBA going forward to prevent this from happening again.

Just a heads up / sharing of a not so pleasant experience that I really hope is short-lived…

This is still a guess right? I can’t, for the life of me get the choice badge despite being the top clicked asin for 3 months and I know we discussed inventory and iventoryanal penetration, but I just can’t fathom that Schitt.


How’s your conversion? That plays a HUGE role in the badging.

Our overall conversion is in the mid 50’s. The conversion for this product often tops 70%.

Reorder rate is 65%. PPC Conversion for this product is in the 40’s.

SAS told me about the conversion piece being so important and I believed it after our FBA export debacle from this time last year. Our conversion tanked when all these international people were seeing our listings and we lost the badge for months. I now believe the conversion piece was the reason over everything else.

According to BA

Our Listing
click share vs conversion share

23.73% 14.53%

Choice Badge Listing
click share vs conversion share

17.24% 15.4%

This is what should matter me thinks

Also BA has updated - new gooey which looks nicer at least


If I am reading this right, the competitor is converting better.

You’re obviously selling more but that doesn’t always matter to Amazon.

What they are trying to do is get more total sales. The algorithm is saying T_T’s listing is doing just fine. Let’s get #2 going too so overall sales are higher for Amazon.

Nothing awarded on Amazon is based on merit / quality. It’s all about the $

Our listing is almost never #1 in sales for the keyword. It’s 2 or 3.


That’s what I surmise as well.

Except we’re higher priced and so they make more with us.

Which is why in BA they keep saying we’re #1 as in top clicked for low SFR kw but still place organically 2 or 3

I dunno man. Ima try sending more inventory and see if it changes anything, but Ima do that only after January so I don’t get graped but will keep enough to make money till then.



That’s a problem.

Our price is 50% more for $1 less… LOL

That’s how we did it… That’s why it converts too.

Price is #1 with badging
Inventory is # 2
Conversion is #3

Everything else is a mystery.

I didn’t word that right…

We deliver 50% more product for $1 less.


Well it is what it is I guess. Our’s is a variation of 4 vs AC badge listing of 1 so it wouldn’t make sense to drop trou

I’ll just buy some lube


I’m seriously considering upping the price on the 2-pack to fix this schite

Just don’t want to screw any of this up.

I’ll give it another 24 hours.


If Amazon cares about the price per tablet, instead of say, 100 tablets, 100 mg each, serving size 1 tablet, couldn’t you game the system by packing up 200 tablets, 50 mg each, serving size 2 tablets, and still advertise it “100 MG”

I see companies do this all the time, they have big lettering with X MG and that could be for a 2, 3, 4 tablet serving. That’s also to game the consumer as well.

No kidding. We don’t play those games. Most common scam with this is with herbs and CBD / Hemp.

I’m sure you have seen listings on Amazon that advertise 100,000mg on the front panel - the weight of the entire contents of the bottle.

We exist to help people and succeed as a legitimate brand with a major player as our manufacturing arm.

We sell nothing that doesn’t have real valid science behind it. We could clean up playing the games that others do. That’s not us and even if it was me, my partner would never do it and risk his operation because he’s tied to this legally.


How about this one:

The whole bottle has 15 grams, so they market it as 15 million micrograms

Really really stretching it there.

Yup, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

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Is it possible your crappy search rank is due to the seller that you’re at the mattresses with?

They did block your reviews for a period of time so maybe the real reason the algo is latching onto your 2 pack is because the single count got marked by an insider as ineligible for the badge.

Nah, they have been crippled thanks to what I did on Saturday with my other account. Their rank is insignificant now.

I am very in-tune with everything Amazon. We compete in very tiny niche. I can tell when something is off and normally understand why.

It’s absolutely this 2-pack issue.

As far as the reviews go, I honestly don’t know what happened there. We’ve had a couple trickle in since. Now I’m thinking it’s the time of the year and the people are just too busy to write reviews. Oddly enough though, we were and still are getting plenty of seller feedback.

That’s most likely a result of our request a review strategy and people putting their reviews in the wrong place. Another Amazon kick in the nuts. The button / program is REQUEST A PRODUCT REVIEW, not request seller feedback. That shouldn’t even be an option with that program (seller feedback), yet it comes up first, before the review so most people miss it.

Don’t get me started.

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