BOT Run Amok - Screwing With Listing "Titles"

Strange BOT activity… I use “SellerSonar” which watches listings for changes and problems. It has been reporting that Amazon has been removing the Brand Name (which is also the product name, and is the 1st 2 words in the listing title) OUT of the listing title, leaving a nonsense (or very non-descriptive) title, but then putting the title back the way it was several hours later.

2024-02-13 16:56 - Removed Brand Name
2024-02-13 20:03 - Put it back
2024-02-14 01:57 - Removed again
2024-02-14 05:47 - Back again
2024-02-14 08:40 - Removed again
2024-02-14 19:48 - Back again
2024-02-15 01:49 - Removed again
2024-02-15 04:49 - Back again

Now, the same darn thing was happening to a cheap knock-off product that attempts to compete with mine, as I also monitor that listing. The brand name gets deleted from the front of the title, leaving the rest of the title untouched, and then is later restored.

…I’m gonna reprogram that thing with a large axe! :wink:


When you see the removal come up, is it universal across all devices? We see something different when on:

  • Desktop
  • Desktop Incognito
  • Mobile
  • Mobile Amazon App

Also routinely see different things depending on the ship-to zip code.

Amazon has gone absolutely nuts with the consumer experience over the last 6-9 months.

Constantly testing and shifting things by the hour / location / device type. I’m all for granular testing but they have taken that to an insanely stupid level lately.


Case in point … we noticed the Account Info page has changed today (Windows 11 & Firefox).


I am only seeing this via reports from a listing monitoring service called “SellerSonar”. I have yet to catch it myself, as all this happens in the wee hours, when I am fast asleep.


UPDATE - SellerSonar’s date stamps are more indicative of their own periodic checks of each listing, so the glitches being seen may be momentary, rather than hours long, or may be an artifact of changes Amazon made to their web pages that are fooling or confusing the SellerSonar code that looks for “changes”.

So, trusting the 3rd party tool may be the entire issue here… Amazon may NOT be thrashing this way and that way at all.

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