Bots going wild again.

Noxzema is now a hand sanitizer.

And for the 15th time since the pandemic Dial Liquid Hand soap is down again.

And apparently a new Minoxidil bots is loose hitting a bunch of NON-Minoxidil items

There may be outside of the US. Noxzema is owned by Unilever in the US. But a Greek company elsewhere. The Greek company has had numerous branded products including shaving creams and might have branded a hand-sanitizer.


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And a “lidocaine” bot is loose now too.

If your item contains the words “Freeze” & “Spray” = Bot attack

Oh man, where will I buy my hair spray now?!?!?! :rofl:


OMG everyday with the Lidocaine bot.
Now “Just For Men” beard color

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21 more today. Identified as hand sanitizers.

Here’s some of the list :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m going through my listings as well…amazing how many were in the wrong category because AI thought it was smart.

I’m curious if this is really a dumb bot problem, or a sneaky seller one?

I only ask because I had a bunch of listings dog-paged a week ago because some evil seller added prohibited words to the backend, which tricked the bots into thinking the listings were tied to the Washington no-longer-Redskins NFL team.

Have you checked any of your listings for improper keywords?


I was going through my Listing Quality Dashboard and found a few books mis-categorized.

  1. An instruction book on how to knit & crochet hats for babies. The bots had it listed as a hat and wanted to know the size, material and other features.

  2. Another book of knitting instructions to make sweaters. The bots had it listed as a sweater and wanted to know the size, color, etc.

  3. The last book was listed as a basket. There were no key words in the title or subject where the book could be mistaken for a basket.

And so it goes…

The National Geographic bot is running again. Trademark violations for used NatGeo publications.

Of course. National Geographic is a Disney Company.
National Geographic magazines, Seven Dwarves lawn ornaments, or a plush Br’er Rabbit doll they require Disney’s licensed blessing.

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For me…Ivory Fabric, threw it into Fabric. Fixed once I said Ivory Material.

Gold Lace threw it into shoe laces.

Burgundy Candle threw it into candles

Three handmade were in the marketplace – their solution is to delete and start over.

Mantel scarf landed in scarves

I have about 10 left to fix…sometime next week.

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And today’s Bing survey tells us a majority of respondents think that AI will become self-aware.

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Which doesn’t really mean much.


I’ve got a poll demonstrating 1 out of 10 Sellers think Amazon shouldn’t recognize U.S. sovereignty. People should take poll and election results with a certain degree of levity.

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Do you actually believe the opinions of any majority are valid, well thought out and worth respect?

Or do you believe the concept of freedom to have an opinion is worthy of respect whether the opinions are valid?

I think I know the answer and we probably share the same answer.

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I think half the people are of below average intelligence. Therefore, no the opinions of the majority can’t be relied on to be well thought out. However, having studied many forms of government throughout the annals of history, and having seen and experienced several directly.; Democracy is by far the best, so it should be respected. Within reason.

I believe that all should, in a free and ordered society, be permitted to have, hold, and express an opinion. No matter how asinine, foolhardy, noble, considered, reasoned, and/or vampent. Having an opinion particularly if it differs from mine doesn’t instantly become valid. Everyone should be permitted a voice, and should be measured by others by their exercise thereof.

In other words, I hold this truth to be self evident



Which is why our founding fathers chose a Republic, not a democracy for our form of government. The ultimate Democracy, government by plebiscite, is comparable to totalitarianism.


Hahaha! was just coming back here to vent.

Downloaded to catalog to see if my fixes stuck.

Decided to update and complete many of the fields in the columns…like in Handmade we didn’t have to have bullet points and as long as we didn’t edit the listing, they would stay active. Well, edit, add bullets, then save. So I’m adding bullet points.

Found some that were still in the wrong category – table runner in tablecloth type stuff.

Say a prayer for me…my neck is killing me righ now from staring at the screen and fixing.

I THOUGHT some of these things were good to go a long time ago…but AI got a hold of stuff.

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You should consider a larger display with an adjustable height. You shouldn’t experience any discomfort from lengthy use on modern displays that are properly adjusted.

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